Meet the new calendar girls

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A group of friends have got together to produce a unique look at Lincolnshire as it would have been in the 1940s - and help raise funds for life-saving equipment.

Dr Suzanne Taylor, who has been working to help provide public access defibrillators in rural locations, hopes money raised from the calendars will help make this possible.

The original idea for the fundraising calendar was to do it semi-nude, and while her friends were up for the idea, they were unable to use the emergency vehicles they hoped to have in the background.

Instead, with the 1940s celebrations this summer at Woodhall Spa, Dr Taylor and her group decided it would make the perfect theme and have produced a vintage look at life in the county.

Among the 12 months’ pictures are the girls in front of Just Jane, the Lancaster Bomber at the Aviation Heritage Centre atEast Kirkby, in a vintage car outside Woodhall Spa’s Petwood Hotel and enjoying an authentic 1940s afternoon tea.

Dr Taylor said: “We had a lot of fun doing the calendar. One of the girls wanted to be photographed sitting up on Just Jane in a bikini but we weren’t allowed to do it!

“We must have had about 400 photos taken and it was hard to choose from them all.”

Her friends that feature alongside her in the calendar are Jayne Marshall, Cheryl Cain Lewis, Kay Chadwick, Jayne Bedlow, Cecilia Frost, Lisa Cornall and Lorraine Dring.

It costs about £1,200 to supply just one public access defibrillator which can help someone in cardiac arrest by giving an electric shock to the heart to get it working again.

Due to our rural location, Dr Taylor says that sometimes the ambulance service can struggle to get to a patient in eight minutes.

“While our towns and villages tend to now have a defibrillator, it is out in places such as near farms and the fens that defibrillators are needed.”

Under her campaign Start a Heart, Dr Taylor has helped to raise money for two new public access defribillators for Wragby and hopes to reach out to other locations where the equipment could be placed.

She added: “They should be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at places where there is always access.

The calendar pictures were taken by photographer John Edwards from Wragby.

The calendar is available from his studio and various locations including Vintique in Woodhall Spa and Goltho Gardens, just outside Wragby.

For more information call Dr Taylor on 07962 357130 or Kay Chadwick on 01526 860317.