Mayor leads call for action over ‘dangerous’ Horncastle path


Mums pushing prams are walking on an unsafe footpath in Horncastle ‘just inches’ away from a watercourse, town councillors have been told.

Mayor Coun Brian Burbidge raised concerns about people using the path as a short-cut from the Centurian Park estate to access the town centre via Horncastle Playing Fields.

He told councillors a section of the path was within inches of the ‘old course’ of the River Bain.

He said he had visited the site and was concerned by reports that mums with prams were using the path.

He admitted it was particularly worrying at this time of year because the path was very muddy and slippery.

Councillors agreed to a proposal by Coun Burbidge to hold talks with the landowner to discuss improving the path.

Coun Burbidge said: “Centurion Park is a long way out of town.

“The official route is to walk onto Boston Road and into town.

“There is this unofficial route which is a lot shorter.

“ I have looked at it, and it is quite dangerous, particularly close to the old river.

“People have told me that mums pushing prams are using the path, and clearly that is a concern.

“The water is not especially deep but there could still be a nasty accident.

“It’s an illegal path, for the want of a better word, but we can’t stop people walking there.

“I don’t know what we can do about this as it’s private land.”

Councillors heard Waterloo Housing Association - who developed the estate - owned some of the surrounding land, but not the riverside path.

Coun David Roark said that when work started, there was provision for a new footbridge from the corner of Ann Wayne Avenue linking with the playing fields.

He explained the designers ‘didn’t appear to know’ the proposed site of the bridge was on privately owned land.

As a result, he said, the bridge had not been built.

Coun Roark admitted there was ‘quite a bit of confusion’ about ‘who owned what’ but councillors agreed to investigate the issue.