Marathon swims for Jubilee Park refurbishment project

Park manager Joe Stanhope.
Park manager Joe Stanhope.

Two events to raise money for Woodhall Spa’s Jubilee Park’s planned building refurbishment project are being held together in the swimming pool next week.

Lifeguard 19-year old-Ella Barr is planning a 24-hour swimming marathon and hopes to achieve at least 21 miles- the equivalent of swimming the channel (1008 lengths), starting at 7pm on Monday, August 5.

On August 6, park manager Joe Stanhope is swimming 30km to mark his 30th birthday - 900 pool lengths.

Joe said: “After nearly 14 years working at this fantastic place, I know how much it means to so many.

“We really appreciate anything anyone donates to help us improve the facilities.”

Supporters can donate before, during or after the marathon swims online, with cash at the collection buckets in the park or by collecting a sponsorship form at the pool.

The £700,000 project will help ensure the park’s long term future by adding non weather dependent fitness facilities, as well as updating and improving the changing areas.

Ella added: “It’s become a major local employer and is the reason many of visitors come here in the first place before going on to spend in our shops and cafes.

“It’s a big piece of the jigsaw that altogether makes up the special character of this community.

“I want to do all I can to make sure it’s here for future generations.”