Man claims he was targeted in hit and run in busy Horncastle car park

Rob Ayling in the  Bain Valley car park near to Tesco. Photo: Supplied
Rob Ayling in the Bain Valley car park near to Tesco. Photo: Supplied

A Woodhall Spa man says he was lucky to avoid serious injury after being ‘mowed down’ by a truck in a Horncastle car park.

Robin Ayling claims he was with his teenage son when the truck ‘deliberately ploughed’ into him in the Bain Valley car park outside Tesco.

The incident happened last month (August 6) but details have only just emerged.

Mr Ayling says he parked next to what he described as a ‘black coloured monster truck’ at around 5.30pm.

He admits when he opened his car door, it did ‘accidentally catch’ the truck.

However, Mr Ayling stressed there was no damage, and the driver of the truck was still in the vehicle.

Mr Ayling says when he apologised, he was sworn at.

Mr Ayling adds he did not respond and walked across a section of the car park to access the store entrance.

He told the News: “It (the truck) came round a corner and drove straight at me.

“I tried to get out of the way but it ‘floored’ me, knocked me straight to the ground.

“It was going pretty fast. It didn’t stop. It was a hit and run .”

Mr Ayling says that fortunately, his 17-year-old son Hunter was a few yards behind him.

He added: “He (Hunter) was panicking because he thought I’d been seriously injured.

“There were a couple of witnesses and they rushed to help, along with a member of staff from Tesco.”

Mr Ayling stresses he was lucky to sustain only cuts and bruises.

He added: “I was shocked, but I could easily have been seriously injured.”

Mr Ayling is full of praise for Tesco who allowed him to recover in a staff room.

He said police were called but the truck has not been identified.

He said: “I got a couple of letters of the registration number, but that was it.”

He says he was ‘shocked’ to discover the car park - owned by East Lindsey District Council - did not have CCTV .

Mr Ayling added that CCTV cameras in the town apparently did not pick up the truck.

He explained: “I can only think it turned left at the end of Conging Street and did not go through the town centre.”

He says he checked CCTV recorded by the Admiral Rodney Hotel, but that did not feature the truck either.

He is hoping other people might have witnessed the incident.

Police confirmed they did attend and there was no CCTV, or any injuries. The say the vehicle was described as a ‘pick-up’ type vehicle.

A spokesman for ELDC said: We don’t have cameras in this car park. The cameras in the town were working.”