Local bridal designer is changing the world of fashion

Sanyukta Shrestha in one of her award-winning designs. Photo: KMGS Photography
Sanyukta Shrestha in one of her award-winning designs. Photo: KMGS Photography

Nepal to Hagworthingham might sound an unlikely journey but fashion designer Sanyukta Shrestha is definitely on the road to success.

Sanyukta, who was born in Nepal but is now based in the Wolds village near Horncastle, is already one of the UK’s leading sustainable bridal designers.

She is the first Nepalese/British designer to make an impact in what is a global industry,

Sanyukta’s ground-breaking designs are made from ‘milk to hemp fibres’ and have seen her shortlisted in the UK Wedding Awards 2020.

She is the only bridal designer’ shortlisted in the innovation category.

Sanyukta has one of her designs displayed in a fashion museum in Bath as an innovative and sustainable piece of art.

She is hoping the awards will highlight the success of her brand and inspire other designers to use sustainable materials. 

Sanyukta said: “Sadly, fashion is the second most polluted industry in the world.

“As a designer, I feel we have much more responsibility than just creating beautiful designs and building a mass following.

“There is no ‘planet B’. We must protect our habitat whichever way possible.

“I believe the fashion industry has so many talented and creative people and it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to raise awareness and shape an industry with a mindful business approach.

“I feel very honoured that this award recognition will be a steppingstone towards our vision of sustainable fashion being the future.

“I am very glad to say the bridal world is recognising the urgency of sustainability.”

Since the launch of her first eco-friendly bridal collection in 2011, Sanyukta has pioneered the concept of sustainable luxury,

• The awards ceremony will be held at The Biltmore Mayfair in London on February 13. A public vote closes on January 31. You can register to vote at https://ukweddingawards.awardsplatform.com