Lincolnshire garden centre reveals perfect bush for breakfast

David Nelstrop with a baked beans bush
David Nelstrop with a baked beans bush

It might be the biggest horticultural story since BBC Panorama in 1957 covered the ‘bumper’ spaghetti harvest at Ticino in Switzerland.

Now, the Willows Garden Centre in Glentham says it has developed a plant that should revolutionise breakfast time.

Owner David Nelstrop says British baked beans, which grow outside the UK as haricot or navy beans, are not suited to UK growing conditions.

But the well-known businessman has revealed a remarkable new plant that is available in the UK for the first time.

Not only have he and his garden centre staff identified a variety of haricot bean that grows well in the UK, they have also taken that bean plant and crossed it with a tomato plant to get a new plant that produces baked beans.

The plant, known as a Baked Bean Bush, Mr Nelstrop says produces beans that taste just like baked beans out of a tin. They can be picked and eaten straight off the plant, or can be heated up with some tomato-based sauce and served on toast.

“This is something that we have been working on for a few years and we’ve finally got it right,” he told this newspaper.

The Garden Centre is already in talks with a major baked bean manufacturer to supply the UK market.

Mr Nelstrop hopes for nationwide publicity from today’s announcement.

Here he is with a Baked Bean Bush with the beans ready for picking.