Lewis grateful for support from Horncastle community

Lewis Williams, from Lewy's of Horncastle.
Lewis Williams, from Lewy's of Horncastle.

A Horncastle business owner has thanked the local community for their support after a difficult few months.

At the beginning of November Lewis Williams, owner of Lewy’s of Horncastle, announced that they could be forced to close the shop.

Seven weeks later, Lewis says he is here to stay - but only if people keep supporting the business.

Lewis said: “If we go, they (residents) have no other greengrocer in Horncastle.

“We are there to provide a personal service and local fruit and vegetables.

“The last few weeks have been amazing with people buying produce and hampers.

“If we can provide a service and people carry on using us, we can be here for years to come.

“It is important that people carry on their support after the Christmas period.

“We need the local people.

“The decision I made was the truth - we were going to close.

“At the minute, staying open seems to have paid off.”

Lewis says that he welcomes feedback from customers.

He said: “If someone comes to me and says this is what I want - we will get it for them.”

In 2019, Lewis is also looking at keeping the shop open later one night a week.

To find out more, search for Lewy’s of Horncastle on Facebook.