Laura is on course for success

Laura Turner - a classic story of success
Laura Turner - a classic story of success

It’s not that long since Laura Turner was sitting her A-Level examinations at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Horncastle.

Now, she’s established as an accomplished author.

Laura has worked on scripts for TV shows like Eastenders and Holby City.

However, it’s her skills as a playwright which are earning high praise.

Laura, who lives in Tattershall, has worked with touring theatre company Chapterhouse. adapting well-known classics into pieces of theatre - and composing her own plays too.

She has been adapting celebrated canonical works for the stage since reading English at the University of York where her passion for writing really took hold.

Her work for the stage - comprising adaptations of classics and her own original pieces - is being performed by the Chapterhouse Theatre company who have been touring the county this month.

In fact, her very own adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice will be performed at the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa.

Cinematic revamps of favourite classics may be expensive, glossy and spectacular, but Laura says rural theatre, put on by touring companies, has a great deal of virtues.

She said: “The immediacy of being in the same place as the actors is a real nuance of theatre.

“No two performances are the same; the audience influences the action as much as the actors do.

“There is always a relationship and a level of interaction between cast an audience.

“That’s why a cinematic experience of a text will always differ from a theatrical one.”

Born in Boston, Laura says her schooling at QEGS played a significant role in cultivating her love of both writing and performing.

She said: “All through school I loved drama.

“I was greatly encouraged to perform while I was at QEGS and I loved getting involved in productions .

“I loved performing - I still do now - and initially I really wanted to be an actress.”

“In sixth form, I and a friend of mine ran a drama club for younger students.

“We scripted a production and I fell in love with writing!”

Her relationship with Chapterhouse is a long-standing one, as Laura first encountered the company on work experience in Year 11.

She added: “After work experience, I continued to work with Chapterhouse as a volunteer.

“But when I got to University I began to see writing in a different light.

“Of course I still very much enjoyed performing at Uni’ - I just naturally tended towards writing.

“Chapterhouse took a chance on me and I started work on my very first title alongside my study - Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

“It was - and is - wonderful to work with these characters that I’d grown to know so well.”

Laura says Lincolnshire is very fortunate to have access to the theatre via touring companies like Chapterhouse.

She said: “Touring companies are the one of the main factors allowing rural theatre to happen.

“People living in London and other cities have constant accessible theatre in dedicated and terribly prestigious spaces.

“In some ways, theatre like this can seem constrained.

“There’s not the same relationship between audience and actor and the space cannot be utilised in the same way.

“Touring companies have the opportunity to use spaces that resonate with communities.

“Watching theatre in your village hall or in beautiful grounds is a unique and immersive experience.

“You can take a picnic, sit with your friends, chill out and enjoy theatre without that West End etiquette.

“The actors are at liberty to utilise the audience space which makes performances so dynamic and personal.

“You just don’t get this at the cinema, or even in famous London theatres.

“If I hadn’t had the privilege to watch plays by touring companies as a child, I would never have been inspired to write.”

“As a writer, you always want to write your own, original but there’s something so inspiring about bringing these classics to life.”

*The Chapterhouse Theatre Company will be performing Laura’s adaptation at the Petwood Hotel on Sunday (August 23) at 6.30pm.

For more information, call 01526 352 411 or visit