Lancaster Skies draws in crowds at The Kinema In The Woods

Lancaster Skies' Andy and Callum Burn at the Kinema in the Woods, in Woodhall Spa, for the release of the film.
Lancaster Skies' Andy and Callum Burn at the Kinema in the Woods, in Woodhall Spa, for the release of the film.

Filmgoers have been flocking to Woodhall Spa recently to catch a glimpse of Lancaster Skies.

Lancaster Skies, created by small band of Lincolnshire-based filmmakers, was a sell out when it first took to the screen at The Kinema In The Woods following its release last Wednesday, February 27.

Speaking to the Horncastle News on Monday, a spokesman from The Kinema In The Woods said: “ So far we’ve had six shows and they’ve all sold out, and there are another three scheduled- with two sold out already.

“We are hoping to add extra shows in the coming weeks as well.

“The response to the film has been very good.

“The first few shows had a round of applause at the end and I think everyone is
 enjoying not only the film, 
but the fact that it has a local connection.”

After years in production, the Bomber Command-
inspired tale from Tin Hat Productions, based in Sleaford, made it to the big screen last week.

Our sister title, The Sleaford Standard, first spoke to the team behind the film – originally titled Our Shining Sword – at the start of 2014.

The troupe overcame numerous obstacles in their path to get the film in the can last year.

They are Andy Burn, son Callum Burn, both of Sleaford, and Sam Parsons, of London, who attended film school with Callum. The trio also received loyal support from Lincoln’s Scott Ellis.

After completing the film on a micro-budget of £80,000, they secured an international distribution deal with London-based Kaleidoscope Film Distribution.

The first screenings took place on Wednesday, February 26 and that evening the film was featured on The One Show, on BBC 1.

Speaking to the Sleaford Standard the following day, Andy said: “It’s all gone a bit mad.

“Social media since the first round of screenings has just gone bonkers,” he continued, saying they had been left ‘shell-shocked’ by the response.

He said the feedback from audiences had been ‘extremely positive’.

“People are saying how much they have enjoyed the film, and how they have been completely blown away that we did it on such a small budget, and we really captured the period,” he said.

At that time, the film was due to have about 60 screenings at 40 or so venues nationwide, but following an appeal from Tin Hat Productions, members of the public were calling on their local cinemas to increase that number.

Andy explained: “A lot of people who saw The One Show are lobbying their local cinemas for a screening.”

There are still a number of theatrical screenings planned before the film’s release on Blu-Ray and DVD in May.

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• There are more screenings of Lancaster Skies on Tuesday, March 12 (4.45pm); Wedneday, March 13 (4.45pm) and Thursday, March 14 (11.45am - limited tickets available).

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