Joanne walking on cloud nine after weight loss with Horncastle group

Joanne Neal pictured in November 2017. EMN-181212-122156001
Joanne Neal pictured in November 2017. EMN-181212-122156001

A Horncastle slimmer has even more reason to smile this Christmas after dropping three dress sizes.

Joanne Neal attends Slimming World classes in Horncastle on Tuesdays, and has lost two-and-a-half stone.

Joanne Neal pictured in October 2018. EMN-181212-122207001

Joanne Neal pictured in October 2018. EMN-181212-122207001

Her fellow members crowned Joanne ‘Miss Slinky 2018’ to honour her dramatic weight transformation.

Joanne is looking forward to showing off her slimmer frame at all the parties - and thanks to her efforts, she can still enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner.

She said: “I was already really looking forward to this Christmas and feeling confident enough to wear outfits that I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, have last year. “Winning the title of Miss Slinky means I have even more to celebrate, and I know this festive season will be extra special.”

“Being voted for by the other members of the group is really great, because it’s thanks to them and their support – and our Consultant Karen – that I’ve stayed committed to losing weight.

“Joining a slimming group is quite a nerve-racking decision, yet I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Joanne began following Slimming World’s Food Optimising healthy eating plan, which encourages members to satisfy their appetite on healthy foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat and vegetables.

Karen Fereday, who runs the Horncastle Slimming World group which Joanne attends, said: “Christmas is a time of year for getting dressed up and having a good time.

“However, I know a lot of my members have told me they’d often dread it because they felt uncomfortable and out of place at parties, which is just so sad. “This year I know Joanne will feel completely different from previous years.

“Joanne is happier, healthier and fitter, and every week the group love hearing about her progress.”

• The Horncastle Slimming World groups meet on Tuesdays (9am/11am) at Horncastle Community Centre, or on Thursdays (5.30pm/7.30pm) at Stanhope Hall.