‘I battled pain to raise cash to fight cancer’

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-180514-143134001

A Horncastle woman has revealed how she bravely fought through the pain barrier to complete a cycling marathon - and raised hundreds of pounds for cancer charities.

Christina Pallett, 60, competed in the ‘Ride The Night’ challenge - a 100km (64 miles) route from Windsor to the centre of London and back.

She was inspired to enter because friends and family members have or are fighting cancer while she also wanted to ‘do something different’ to mark her 60th birthday.

She was well on schedule when she reached the halfway stage (Buckingham Palace) in three hours but the remaining 31 miles took twice as long and Christina admits only sheer determination - and the intervention of a ‘race angel’ - meant she crossed the finish line.

Christina explained: “At the 40-mile mark I had to stop. It was my own fault because I hadn’t had enough to eat or drink.

“I was determined I wasn’t going to let anyone down and not finish but without her (the race angel), I probably wouldn’t done it.”

Daughter Emma and granddaughter Masie were on hand to cheer her across the finish line...after a gruelling nine hours.

Christina explains: “The cut off was 7am and I finished at 6.18.

“I’d fought really hard and cycled through pain tears and sheer exhaustion.

“But the euphoria (and tears) on crossing that finish line and to hear Emma and Masuie’s cheers - and the hugs awaiting me - was amazing.”

Christina has raised more than £700 - an impressive figure where her inital target was £200.

She wants to thank everyone who supported her.

She said: “The pain and suffering I went through was nothing compared to what friends and family have/are going through with cancer and every second was worth it, if my small amount helps beat the big ‘C’.”

It was two days before Christina could sit down again and she admits she wouldn’t attempt a long distance again.

•Donations can be made at justgiving.christinapallett.