Horncastle woman celebrates impressive weight loss

Emma Colson before (left) and after (right). EMN-190823-125027001
Emma Colson before (left) and after (right). EMN-190823-125027001

Emma Colson is not quite the woman she used to be...not that she is complaining!

Emma, from Horncastle, has lost 3st 3lbs in yet another success story for the town’s Slimming World group.

She joined the 11am group in January and admits: “Like many people do, every year I’d make the same resolution to lose weight, and also like many, I’d never follow through with it.

“I’ve always struggled with my weight and covered my insecurities with my loud and bubbly personality.

“I enjoyed socialising with my friends but I would avoid having my photo taken. It wasn’t until I saw some pictures of myself on line that I realised just how much weight I had gained. I was embarrassed and ashamed at how unhealthy I had become.”

Emma was determined to change that and as she was struggling with fibromyalgia she knew losing weight could potentially help lesson any flare ups and fatigue. Emma, who has dropped four dress sizes, adds: “I was so surprised by all the food that I could still eat, such as pasta, rice and potatoes, without feeling guilty. I got stuck in right away and started cooking meals from scratch, rather than relying on convenience foods or takeaways,

“Joining Slimming World was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m much healthier and happier.

“I was thrilled to win our 11am session ‘Woman of the Year’ competition.”

Karen Fereday, who runs the Horncastle group Emma attends, says she couldn’t be prouder of her achievement and says: “I hope she’ll inspire other people in Horncastle and show them that it is possible to lose that excess baggage they’ve been carrying!”

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