Horncastle town council set to debate ‘transfer’ of ELDC assets


Horncastle Town Council will call an extraordinary meeting next month to discuss proposals which could see it take on a number of responsibilities from East Lindsey District Council.

A town council committee has been holding talks with ELDC for several months about an ‘asset transfer.’

ELDC has indicated it is willing to off-load certain responsibilities and Horncastle is believed to be one of the first town council’s in the district to agree details.

Those details will be presented to councillors at the extraordinary meeting.

Provided the details are approved, the town council could take on responsibility and ownership of several areas of land, public toilets and potentially even income from car parks currently owned by ELDC.

It is understood the transfer could hold one of the keys to the town council’s ambitious plans to provide an outdoor recreation area, featuring a multipurpose skate park.

The favoured site is land off Prospect Street, currently owned by ELDC.

Details of exactly what assets could be transferred have yet to be revealed.

Clearly, though, ownership of the Prospect Street site would enable the town council to press ahead with the skate park scheme.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Mayor Coun Brian Burbidge said the transfer negotiations had led to a ‘number of proposals being drawn up’.

He did not identify any specific details but added: “There are some pretty important decisions which we (the committee) hope will be confirmed and applied via full council.”

Other areas of land which could be featured in any transfer include the Wong.

Although broadly welcoming the chance to take on more responsibility, some town councillors have voiced concerns about a possible increase in the local precept to pay for an extra workload.