Horncastle Town Council hits back at claims about highways issues

Safety worries: the junction of Mareham Road and Boston Road.
Safety worries: the junction of Mareham Road and Boston Road.

Horncastle Town Council has hit back at claims that it ‘doesn’t care and doesn’t listen’ and insisted it does everything it can to solve issues.

Resident Mike Buckingham (77) contacted the News about a number of highways issues –including road safety and flooding.

Mr Buckingham, who has lived in Horncastle all his life, said he was ‘fed up’ of raising ‘genuine problems’ only for no action to be taken.

Mr Buckingham said would like to see safety barriers for pedestrians erected in several places including:

•The junction of Mareham Road and Boston Road;

•The Bull Ring;

•North Street

He has also raised other issues including parking and flooding on Mareham Road and the condition of the road surface in Foundry Street.

Mr Buckingham says he has spoken to the town council, Lincolnshire County Council and met mayor Coun Fiona Martin but has heard ‘ nothing.’

He said: “I’ve tried everything I can but they don’t listen and they don’t care.”

Mr Buckingham suggested local companies should carry out more highways work in Horncastle with the town council sending the bill to the county council.

He added: “We’ve had the top end of Foundry Street patched up but it’s six inches lower than the rest of the road.

“There’s flooding on Mareham Road every time it rains. Someone had even put up a sign the other day saying ‘no diving.’

“ Pedestrians – young mums with toddlers – are taking their lives in their hands on narrow pavements.

“There’s more traffic than ever but what is done? Nothing.”

Clerk Amanda Bushell said the town council was aware of Mr Buckingham’s concerns.

She also confirmed he had met Coun Martin who has prepared a list of issues raised by Mr Buckingham which would be considered at the first meeting of the town council’s newly formed highways group.

She said: “Highways is a county council matter. We can’t just go out and do work to property on land we don’t own. We don’t have the power or the resources.

“It is wrong to say we don’t listen and don’t care. We take every report we get seriously.” and like many others, we are working for the good of the town, “