Horncastle students prepare to strike against climate change

Holly Pavey (12) has been leading the local climate protests.
Holly Pavey (12) has been leading the local climate protests.

A group of Horncastle students will ditch the classroom next week to take part in the global protests against climate change.

Holly Pavey will be joined by fellow students who will be in the Market Place from 11am to 2pm on Friday, September 20.

Holly said: “The school strikes movement began in August 2018 when Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg went on strike.

“Since then the movement has spread across the globe.

“We demand action on the climate catastrophe, and we are waking up to a reality where we can no longer choose to ignore this issue.

“We must stand up and fight for our future or face an uninhabitable planet.”

As previously reported, Holly Pavey and fellow climate change protestors met with MP Victoria Atkins to ask what the Government is doing to address the issue.

Speaking after the meeting held in June, Holly said: “Ms Atkins focused on what past governments had done, but not what needs to be done.”