Horncastle residents want ‘double yellows’


Fed-up residents in Horncastle are calling for double yellow lines to be introduced in the town’s High Street in a bid to end delays and improve safety.

The idea for ‘double yellows’ was one of several suggestions put forward by members of the public at a recent town council forum.

The forum is a chance for residents to raise issues with town councillors.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, clerk Amanda Bushell confirmed most of the subjects raised at the forum involved highways matters - including High Street.

At present, there are single yellow lines, restricting daytime parking.

However, residents claim the regulations are often ignored, with vehicles even parking on zig-zig white lines close to the pedestrian crossing in the Market Place.

They also claim delivery vehicles during the day add to problems, with traffic often queuing in both directions along High Street - particularly outside the Co-op supermarket.

Lucy Allen told the News parked vehicles often blocked the pavements and made it difficult for pedestrians, particularly young mums with children.

She said: “There are cars, vans, and even lorries parked half on the road and half on the pavement.

“I’ve got a pram and sometimes it is impossible to get by.

“It’s not just delivery drivers.

“There are people parking to go into shops and use the cashpoints. They don’t care. If you say something, you get a dirty look - or a mouthful of abuse.”

Another resident - who did not want to be named - said retailers leaving vans outside their premises also caused problems.

The resident added: “Sometimes, there’s a white van parked right on the junction of High Street and North Street.”

Peter Leighton said the parking issues had become worse over the last few weeks with school buses using High Street, because of the closure of West Street at the Lincoln Road junction.

Horncastle’s county councillor Bill Aron said he would raise concerns with Highways officers, but added it would take time to introduce double yellow lines - even if the authority decided they were needed.

Parking enforcement officers from the County Council are responsible for on-street regulations, although PCSO’s do now have the power to issue tickets.