Horncastle residents have parking plea rejected

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People living in a Horncastle street will have to ‘go it alone’ - if they want to set up a residents only parking scheme.

More than a dozen residents from Foundry Street attended a meeting of Horncastle Town Council last Tuesday, seeking support for the idea of restricted parking.

They say they are ‘fed up’ with being unable to park outside their homes.

Residents claim there are not enough places to go around with double yellow lines on one side of the street.

There are also suggestions some places are taken up by residents from neighbouring streets.

Residents add that they previously parked their cars on land adjacent to the town’s fire station.

However, that option has now disappeared after the county council erected bollards around the land while a sign at a new park indicates it is restricted to fire personnel.

Residents outlined this - and other issues - at the meeting.

However, councillors decided not to support the residents only scheme.

Coun David Stott said he felt it could lead to more problems.

He told fellow councillors that if the scheme was set up, it would mean residents would have to pay an annual fee of around £25 for a permit.

He explained that there was no guarantee households with two cars would be allocated two places.

In addition, Coun Stott went on to say that visitors to properties - or businesses possibly carry out repairs - would be unable to park in the area.

He added: “I could see this leading to more problems than it actually solves. You could pay and still not get a place.”

Coun Stott did inform residents they could still ‘go forward’ with the scheme - if they felt it was in their best interests.

He also pledged the town council would look at other alternatives- but did not specify what they might actually involve.

Town and county councillor Bill Aron had proposed that the scheme should be backed.. However, a counter-proposal by Coun Scott was supported in a vote.

Coun Aron said the bollards had been erected in line with new health and safety guidelines which meant firefighters had access to car parking places.

Residents pointed out that the car park in question was regularly empty and that there were ‘confusing messages’ about exactly who could use it and why the bollards had been erected.

The residents at the meeting all indicated they would support the scheme but admitted it was impossible to gauge the level of support from all property owners in Foundry Street.