Horncastle residents call for solution to Prospect Street parking problems

There are fears that traffic diverted down Prospect Street (pictured) could cause problems for residents.
There are fears that traffic diverted down Prospect Street (pictured) could cause problems for residents.

Fed-up residents have called for action to end problems with parking in Prospect Street, Horncastle.

Prospect Street is one of the busiest residential roads in Horncastle as it links the A158 (Lincoln Road) with the town centre.

Many residents claim it is a rat-run with vehicles using Prospect Street to avoid notorious jams at the junction of the A158 and West Street.

Now, home owners say parking is also a major concern with double yellow lines adding to problems.

One woman, whose daughter lives on Prospect Street, said the yellow lines on one side of the road meant people could not park outside their properties.

However, she said on the other side of the road - where there are no restrictions - there was a daily battle for parking places.

She said householders on that side of the road were reluctant to use their own driveways because the access was often blocked by parked cars.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “There is often nowhere to park for residents. The whole thing is ridiculous.

“It is a ‘Catch 22’ situation. People don’t use their drives so there is nowhere to park. Everyone is sick to death of it.”

Several residents claim that the few places available are often occupied by people working or shopping in the town centre - or by students at a local school.

Philip Parker, who has lived in Prospect Street for 20 years, said: “I need somewhere to park when I get home from work. I regularly have to find somewhere else to park as the road is full.”

Several residents have called for ‘resident only’ parking permits to be introduced.

A similar campaign for permits in Foundry Street stalled after it was revealed the number of parking places might be reduced - and friends and families would have to find alternative places to leave their vehicles.

On street parking is the responsibility of the County Council and a spokesman said: “While we have every sympathy with the residents in Prospect Street, we can only enforce the parking restrictions that are in place.

“That said, if people are blocking driveways, they could potentially face police action. Additional parking restrictions could be investigated, if requested by the local community or the police to address a particular issue.”

Residents’ parking schemes are a district council responsibility.