Horncastle couple gear up for 300-mile cycling challenge for charity

Wheels  of fortune:  Husband and wife  Nick and Kelly Mowbray with children Jacob (5) and George (3). Picture: John Aron.
Wheels of fortune: Husband and wife Nick and Kelly Mowbray with children Jacob (5) and George (3). Picture: John Aron.

Forget the plane or a train, a Horncastle couple will be tackling a 300-mile route from London to Paris this summer - by pedal power!

Mum-of-two Kelly Mowbray (41) and husband Nick (43) are planning to complete the challenge in four days.

Although the intrepid duo have never tackled anything like that distance before, they should not be short of motivation.

The will be raising money for an Alzheimer’s charity - a condition that family and friends have suffered from.

Kelly, who works in IT, did cycle as a child but only took it up again in October 2017.

Nick, a cabinet maker, is more experienced but 300 miles in four days promises to be a serious test.

Kelly did complete a night-time ride to raise money for a cancer charity last year.

That was 65 miles in what proved to be terrible weather.

However, the experience did not put her off.

She explains: “Within a minute or so of starting, there was a torrential storm.

“It didn’t stop raining the entire way and I also had a puncture. It was the longest few hours of my life!”

Kelly showed great determination to complete the challenge and raise more than £4,000 for a women’s cancer charity.

She adds: “I got a real buzz from it. So many people had sponsored me I didn’t want to let them down by not finishing.

“Let’s just say it was an experience I won’t forget!”

Kelly admits in the aftermath of that drenching, she considered never sitting on bike again!

However, she says a ‘sadistic streak’ took over when she heard about the Alzheimer’s challenge.

She says: “It is something I wanted to do. It’s only when the fact it’s 300 miles over four consecutive days that you think - what have I done?”

”I’ll have Nick for company which should be a big help.

“Also, my dad has vascular dementia and my Nan passed away from it last August.

“We’ve other family and friends who have the condition so I’m sure that will keep us going.”

The couple are clocking up the miles training for the marathon ride this July.

Kelly even has a ‘static’ bike at home so not even bad weather can stop her.

Once the challenge is out of the way, the couple plan some sightseeing in Paris - their challenge coincides with the finish of the Tour de France - but they will be taking the train home!

And future challenges? “A holiday would be nicer,” says Kelly.

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