Horncastle businesses asked to support new recreation ground project

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Horncastle Town Council is hoping local businesses will come forward and contribute towards funding a proposed new recreation ground complex.

The multi-purpose venue will be located off Prospect Street and is being designed to cater for people of all ages.

The project could cost around £250,000 and the town council has already pledged £50,000 from its own funds.

Now, the council is in the process of securing funding for the remainder.

Apart from applying for grants - and possible financial support from Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council - the council is writing to local businesses asking for contributions.

It is understood that different sections - and different facilities - within the park could be named after companies.

Indeed, the whole site could be named after a single company, depending on the size of the contribution.

The council has teamed up with Freestyle Places to progress the ambitious project.

In the letter being sent to business, the council states: “This is a major project, which will address the growing need for a central recreation area in our expanding town.

“It will be designed to cater for all age groups in the same space, will encourage:

• Exercise and activity through a number of open-air facilities including outdoor exercise equipment

• An expanded range of play areas, facilities for wheeled activities, and a meeting hub.

“The facility will be free to use for all, and we hope it will bring many benefits to include:

• Increase the health and fitness of residents

• Improve social cohesion

• Grow inter-generational harmony

• Discourage disruptive behaviour in Horncastle

• Provide a pleasant landscaped environment for everyone to visit.

“This project is extremely ambitious and to enable us to achieve our goal of an amenity which will stand the test of time, we also need the support of the community and important local business such as yourselves. The proposed construction costs are estimated to be £250,000.

“The project team is working towards securing additional funding from other large-scale grant applications and other sources, but this is proving challenging

“I am writing firstly, to ask if you would be kind enough to provide a letter of support for the project to aid our funding bids; and secondly to ask if you would like to make a donation towards the cost of building the recreation area. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.”

There has been widespread support for the scheme - not just from local youngsters.

Some residents living close to the site have expressed concerns about a potential increase in anti social behaviour. However, the town council stresses it will work with residents.

Freestyle are currently drawing up final plans fpor the site. The more money that is raised, will boost the number of facilities offered.