Horncastle business celebrates 15 years

Staff gathered at Vyair on Friday to celebrate 15 years of trading. EMN-190907-103505001
Staff gathered at Vyair on Friday to celebrate 15 years of trading. EMN-190907-103505001

A company which is now based on the Industrial Estate, in Horncastle, has recently celebrated 15 years of trading.

Vyair (UK) Limited was established in 2004 by Philip Stainton - with a purpose of selling air conditioning units.

A spokesman from Vyair explained: “Philip originally set the company up after being ripped off when purchasing a home air conditioning system and feeling that there must be a cheaper alternative.”

In 2006, Vyair began selling water filtration equipment after Philip encountered health issues and was advised by doctors that he needed pure water to drink.

After doing extensive research, Philip realised that there is a market for water filtration equipment here in the UK & Europe and thus began Vyair’s adventure into the world of water filtration.

After much rapid expansion and outgrowing the house where it originally operated from, in October 2013 Vyair moved into an industrial unit on Spratt Close, in Horncastle Industrial Estate.

This move provided Vyair with much more storage space, which enabled them to further increase their product lines.

On the first day of trading from the new premises there were only four members of staff employed by Vyair

Ecopure Europe Ltd (Vyair’s Sister Company) was established in September 2015 as the European distriubtor for the Chinese manufacturer of fridge water filters, coffee water filters, and jug water filters.

Three years later, Ecopure Europe Ltd expanded and moved into the industrial unit next door to Vyair.

2019 is a milestone year for Vyair - as the company celebrates 15 years of trading - and 13 years of selling water filtration equipment.

There are now 20 members of staff who are employed across both Vyair and Ecopure Europe.

Staff gathered at Vyair last Friday at a party to celebrate how far both companies have come.

Speaking on Friday, a spokesman from Vyair said: “We would like to thank each and every customer we have had over the last 15 years.

“Without you, we would not be here today - here’s to another 15 years!”