Forget the Wolds Panther - it’s the ‘Beast of Woodhall’

Is this the territory of the Beast of Woodhall Spa?
Is this the territory of the Beast of Woodhall Spa?

First, it was the Wolds Panther - but now it seems the Beast of Woodhall Spa could be on the prowl.

The News understands there have been several sightings of a big back-type cat in recent months.

One resident - who has asked not be to be named - claims he saw the animal earlier this year while walking his dog near the famous Hotchkin golf course.

He claims he’s regularly seen large cat-like paw prints in bunkers on the course.

That, though, has brought a stinging response from the golf club with manager Richard Latham dismissing any reports as ‘rubbish.’

He said: “We get dogs in our bunkers but cats....never. I don’t know anything about this.”

The resident, though, is adamant a puma-like creature is living in local woodland.

He said: “It was earlier this year and I was walking my dog along the path from the village to the golf course.

“Suddenly, my dog stopped. Her hackles went up and she started growling.

“I looked behind me and this large cat sprang out of the bushes 20-yards away.

“It stopped on the path. Its eyes were bright yellow and I for a split second I thought it was going to attack us.

“Then, it ran off and disappeared on the other side of a field.

“I mentioned it to other people and they’ve told me they have either seen the animal themselves - or know someone who has.”

Parish clerk Amanda Bushell said she had not heard of any reports of a puma in the area.

However, parish councillor Graham Keegan said he believed the animal could exist.

He added: “I know people who are adamant they have seen something.”