Ex-Aussie resident is big fan of Revesby’s kangaroo

The kangaroo on the new thatched roof at the Old Grange
The kangaroo on the new thatched roof at the Old Grange

When you’ve spent most of your life in Australia, you sure know what a kangaroo looks like.

April Elstub certainly falls into that category.

She was born and bred in Melbourne before moving to Lincolnshire four years ago.

Every day, April and her husband – a North Queenslander by birth – drive past the Revesby Estate on their way to work.

So, the sight of a thatched kangaroo appearing on the roof of an estate building – The Old Grange – helps make them feel at ‘home’.

April was delighted to read last week’s Horncastle News, telling the background to the story of the kangaroo’s appearance.

April was impressed...except for one rather ‘large’ problem.

Whisper it quietly but she reckons the kangaroo’s ears are too big!

April quipped: “You don’t see many thatched kangaroos on a house roof... even in back in ‘Oz’.

“Whoever has done it has done a fantastic job.

“I love seeing it. It makes me smile and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same.

“I don’t want to upset anyone but It’s just it’s ears are a bit too big. They should be shorter and more pointed – a bit like a dog!

“These ears look more like a hares.”

The headline in last week’s News: What’s that Skippy? A kangaroo on the roof?’ also brought back memories of April’s childhood in Australia.

Skippy was, of course, the name of a kangaroo who starred in a hugely popular kids’ TV programme...long before Neighbours.

April said: “I used to watch Skippy on our old black and white TV back home.

“It brought back so many memories. In fact, I’ve still got the official ‘Skippy’ board game somewhere. I’ll have to dig it out!”

The roof at Revesby was re-thatched as a special tribute to the Estate’s former custodian and famous botanist, Sir Joseph Banks.

It faces towards the Kangaroo Park, where Sir Joseph once lived. After a voyage to the South Pacific, some say he returned with kangaroos.