Escaped nervous rescue dog last seen at Horncastle Golf Club - help find Pirry

Have you seen Pirry? EMN-181017-114657001
Have you seen Pirry? EMN-181017-114657001

Concerns are growing for a dog brought to the UK for a better life who fled just days after arriving from Spain at the end of September.

Pirry, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, was last seen at Horncastle Golf Club two weeks ago after escaping from his new home in nearby Hemingby.

The exceptionally nervous dog was given a new chance of life when the rescue, Adopt a Griffon UK, raised the money to transport him from a shelter to his new owner, Judi Smith, after he was thrown onto the streets when he failed as a hunter.

Ms Smith said: “Please, please help us find this boy. He is so scared.

“He grew up on the streets and has spent the last four years in a shelter.

“We fell in love with him and just want him home to learn that people can be trusted and that he is loved.”

A small team of volunteers - headed by national reunification organisation, DogLost - have meticulously searched in a three mile radius of Hemingby but fear that he has moved on or has completely shutdown and is hidden by undergrowth.

A spokesperson for DogLost said: “This dog is so nervous that he will run if called or approached. 
“As a result we have had to quietly and carefully search for him.

“But we are now calling on the wider public to look out for him, and call DogLost’s area volunteer, Julia, on 07867 532807 or owner, Judi on 07747 711866 if they see him.”

• Pirry has a course-haired orange and white coat. He’s long-legged and about the size of a lurcher.