Emergency road repairs in Horncastle will only be carried out with police protection

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Crime news

Lincolnshire County Council has revealed emergency repairs to a road junction in Horncastle will only be carried out with police protection.

The authority says contractors recently attempted to complete work at the junction of the A158 (Lincoln Road) with West Street and Langton Hill.

However, it adds a number of vehicles ignored traffic lights which had been set at red, putting workers at risk.

In a statement, the council stresses the repairs will now only be completed when there is a ‘police presence.’

The News contacted the council after sources claimed repairs were needed at the junction just weeks after contractors completed a near £1m programme of improvements.

Andrew Neal was one of several residents who contacted the News about the standard of work. Another resident, who did not want to be named, said the new surface was already breaking up.

In response, the County Council’s local highways manager - who was not identified in the statement - said: “The emergency repair at the junction of the A158 was carried out with the existing traffic lights set to red on all approaches for a few minutes.

“Unfortunately, a number of vehicles ignored the lights and drove through before the repairs could be completed, putting the crew at risk.

“That means we will need to return at some point but we intend to ensure there is a police presence to deter further dangerous driving.”

The statement did not reveal what the repairs involve - or when they took place.

The initial project to improve the junction was not without incident.

There were lengthy delays with allegations drivers shouted abuse at contractors. Police confirmed they spoke to one driver who allegedly drove at a contractor.

There were complaints drivers failed to stop at traffic lights, ignored signs and removed bollards and other barriers.

Mr Neal has supplied the News with a copy of a letter he has sent to Richard Davies, Executive Councillor for Highways at the County Council.

Apart from the A158 junction, Mr Neal raises concerns about a number of other issues in Horncastle.

He describes the situation at the junction as ‘unacceptable and avoidable’.

He questions the need to close Thimbleby Hill (B1190) to accommodate work connected to a new housing development.

According to one website, the road could be closed for a number of weeks.

Mr Neal says there are concerns about the standard of recent work on Langton Hill.

He says there is now 15cm deep gully at the edge of the road surface which could easily damage a vehicle.

A highways spokesperson said the verges would be ‘reinstated and tidied up’ in the next few days with housing developers footing the bill.