ELDC pledge over impact of Horncastle college site plans

School buses cause traffic to tail back on to Boston Road at the juncition with Mareham Road
School buses cause traffic to tail back on to Boston Road at the juncition with Mareham Road

Residents have backed a call from Horncastle’s mayor for a comprehensive report on the impact an £8.25m redevelopment scheme will have on the town’s roads.

East Lindsey District Council has backed plans for a new ‘hub’ and college of further education off Mareham Road.

Mayor Fiona Martin, a town and district councillor, described the project – one of the biggest investments in Horncastle history – as ‘wonderful news’ for the area.

But Coun Martin raised concerns about an initial traffic report saying it contained ‘a lot of false assumptions and a lot of gaps.’

In response, ELDC says it will consider the ‘full impact’ of traffic in the area as the plans for the development progress.

Coun Martin is concerned about the situation on Mareham Road, Boston Road and Foundry Street.

She also questioned claims in the report that the development would only create an extra nine vehicle movements at 5pm – on already congested roads.

Many of those roads have been subject of long-standing complaints.

Alan Morgan said: “Like Coun Martin, I’m all for the new college but they have got to look at the traffic situation.

“I live on Boston Road and it is terrible. You can be queuing back to the industrial estate.”

Gordon Maltby said: “The proposed development without a major upgrade of the road system in and around Horncastle should be refused by the planning authority on the grounds it will cause gridlock in the town.

“Obviously, the development is welcome but the road upgrading needs to come first.”

Lisa Steadman said she was concerned about Foundry Street.

She added: “It’s supposed to be residents’ only access but no-one takes any notice.

“There’s no way the street could be used as an access to the site.”

Abbie Taylor said she lived off Mareham Road which was already a ‘total nightmare’.’

She added: “What’s being planned is great but how many more vehicles will be using Mareham Road?

“It’s a nightmare now. You can’t get out of the junction with Boston Road at busy times and the school buses make it even worse.”

Neil Cucksey, ELDC’s assistant director for property, business and growth, said: “The assumptions made within the traffic impact report were based on discussions between our consultants and Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department.

“These discussions and a range of historic data all helped the consultants pull together the initial high level traffic impact report.

“However, as the planning process for the project moves forward we will be working to develop this report and gain a better understanding of the full impact the project may have on traffic in the area.”