East Lindsey District Council under fire over ‘shoddy’ work

The footpath has now re-opened to the public. EMN-191203-092142001
The footpath has now re-opened to the public. EMN-191203-092142001

Horncastle residents have criticised East Lindsey District Council’s ‘shoddy’ efforts to resurface a footpath - a project which took almost five months to complete.

In October last year, ELDC closed the footpath, which runs alongside the Bain (Tesco) car park in Horncastle, after tree roots became exposed.

Residents and councillors had previously complained about the footpath, which links Coning Street with the Tesco supermarket - with many leading calls for improvement works to be completed to make it safer.

As reported last week, the Horncastle News first contacted the district council in February for an update as work was still ongoing.

At the time, ELDC said that a final inspection had to be carried out before the footpath could re-open.

ELDC later confirmed that the works were now complete and residents could once again use the footpath - but many are disappointed with the quality of work carried out.

Commenting on the Horncastle News Facebook page, Dawny Doodar said: “I’ve been on it this morning and it doesn’t look finished.

“It’s a very shoddy effort in my opinion.

Adam Snowshall added: “Not been on it yet. But it should have been made wider to accommodate pedestrians passing each other - half a job I feel.”

Another reader, Sharon Ambrose Hack, commented: “Ridiculous - they may as well of left it as it was.”

Some residents however say that the footpath is now much safer thanks to the work carried out by ELDC.

Carl Atkin-House said: “Looks good to me - some people are professional moaners.”

Cindy Baker added: “I think its great! No tripping over tree roots anymore.”

Jade Callaby New added: “Loads better - I tripped over one of them massive tree routes when I was pregnant, it was so dangerous! Some people will not be happy even if a red carpet was rolled out for them.”

The Horncastle News contacted East Lindsey District Council for a comment.

A spokesman from ELDC said: “The new path that runs alongside The Bain car park is not a formalised footpath.

“The recent works undertaken were primarily to reduce the risk to the public posed by exposed tree roots.

“At the same time, the surface laid will protect the tree roots from any harm.

“The surface was chosen as it offers the best balance between protecting the tree roots and stabilising the path.

“We do expect that, as grass grows through the surface, the pathway will stabilise further.”