Don’t start 2016 in an ambulance

Health news
Health news

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS) is preparing for New Year’s Eve with a plea to those celebrating to start 2016 safe and well.

The traditional party night marks the end of seasonal celebrations and puts more demand on ambulance crews than any other time of the year.

Last year the service received a high volume of calls for alcohol related illness and injuries during the early hours of New Years Day.

Whilst most people will drink responsibly, unfortunately, there are people who will overdo it.

Pete Ripley, Associate Director of Operations said: “Alcohol clouds people’s judgment and can make them take risks that they usually wouldn’t. This can result in an accident or injury and a 999 call for help.

“We want people to enjoy the celebrations but they must take responsibility for themselves and their friends.

“Many 999 calls can be avoided if people drink alcohol in moderation and take care.

You don’t want to start 2016 in an ambulance.”

On New Year’s Eve last year demand grew between 22:00-06:00 with a new call every 24 seconds, twice as many as on an average night.

Despite the number of calls increasing, only 52% of patients required further treatment at hospital.

“Our colleagues and volunteers are working incredibly hard to keep the people of the East Midlands safe and well. I thank them for their continued commitment to providing quality care,” added Pete.

To support the pressure a number of schemes will be operating in towns and cities across the East Midlands, including a Polamb (joint Police and Ambulance vehicle) operating in Grimsby and Lincoln centre.

Senior clinicians will also be on duty throughout the county responding in Fast Response Vehicles to emergencies.