Data could hold key to calls for speed limit cuts

Is it time to reduce speed limits on main roads into Horncastle?
Is it time to reduce speed limits on main roads into Horncastle?

Councillors in Horncastle will use data from mobile speed signs before deciding whether to press for limits to be reduced on major roads into the town.

Resident Alan Lockwood called for a 30mph limit on all main routes into Horncastle when he spoke at a town council meeting in November.

Mr Lockwood said the 40mph limits on some roads were far too close to the town centre.

He stressed that with new homes being built, there were more vehicles and pedestrians about.

He pointed out a car travelling at 30mph - instead of 40mph - could often mean the difference between 
life and death.

He suggested sections of some routes would be safer 
with a 20mph limit.

County Councillor Bill Aron said the authority was already looking at lengthening the 30mph limit on Lincoln Road (A158).

Town clerk Amanda Bushell said analysing data would show if there was a problem with speeding.

The signs - paid for by the town council - record the speed and number of vehicles in designated locations.

Mrs Bushell told this month’s town council meeting that results from the data could be handed on to highways officials and 
the Road Safety Partnership - if there were any issues.

Town councillors also heard PCSOs now had the powers to deal with four highways related offences - speeding, vehicles causing an obstruction, drivers using mobile phones, and failing to wear seat belts.

PCSO Nigel Wass said officers were using the new powers in community speed checks in Horncastle and local villages.