Cop this! Mini police helping parking issues in Horncastle

PCSO Nigel Wass with some of the mini police who are helping to get the safer parking message across
PCSO Nigel Wass with some of the mini police who are helping to get the safer parking message across

Mini police at Horncastle Primary School are playing their part in ongoing efforts to ease parking issues in the immediate area.

There have been long-standing complaints about parking in the vicinity of Bowl Alley Lane which is ‘home’ to the Primary School and St Lawrence School.

Town based PCSOs and traffic enforcement officers from Lincolnshire County Council have stepped up patrols at the start and finish of the school day.

However, it has emerged that mini police are also helping.

Mini police is part of a national project designed to help children and encourage them to be more aware of any issues in their community.

It includes national campaigns like anti-bullying and computer safety, but also features local initiatives.

Car parking is one of the projects the Primary School is undertaking.

Supported by Horncastle Neighbourhood Policing Team, the pupils are getting the message across to people to park with more respect.

And, according to PCSO Nigel Wass, it appears the idea is working.

He said there had been less instances of parking issues in the build-up to Christmas and New Year.

He said children - under supervision - were asking drivers not to park on verges and to observe any restrictions.

PCSO Wass added: “The children were asked what local issues they would like to be involved with, and they chose parking.

“They have been getting their message across about safer parking and they can also talk to parents about any issues.

“Of course, we are still patrolling, but the situation is definitely improving.”

PCSO Wass said Horncastle had one of the largest mini police set ups in the county with 12 ‘officers.’

He explained pupils were chosen by their peers, and enjoyed the extra responsibility, as well as special uniforms.

Mini police operate at other local schools, including St Lawrence and Wragby Primary.

PCSO Wass said more schools could ‘sign up’ although there is a criteria in place to join.

Parking on Bowl Alley Lane has been an issue for several months. There were allegations at a recent town council meeting that a pedestrian required hospital treatment after a collision with a car.

Previously, there have been complaints about verbal exchanges between vehicle owners.

County Council Highways chiefs admit there is little they can do to combat the problem - without a major changes to parking regulations in the immediate area.