Club’s future at Horncastle pool looks secure

Horncastle Swimming Pool.
Horncastle Swimming Pool.

The company which took over Horncastle swimming pool has confirmed it is close to an agreement with a popular town-based club whose future had been in doubt.

Officials at Horncastle Otters Swimming Club admitted they were fighting for survival amid a long-running dispute with Magna Vitae.

The club has been based at the pool for many years and has taught hundreds of local children to swim but was unable to agree terms with Magna Vitae.

Now, though, the company has said it has taken ‘positive steps forward’ to safeguard the future of both organisations at the pool.

In a statement, Magna Vitae said: “Following months of discussion and hard work on all parts, we are confident that a memorandum of understanding will be finalised within the coming weeks to secure both the operational viability of the pool and the long-term status of the Otters Swimming Club.

“This marks a new phase in the relationship between the two organisations.”

Mark Humphreys, Managing Director of Magna Vitae, said: “We have all put considerable effort into reaching this agreement which will benefit everybody associated with the pool. We are grateful to the club for their understanding and support.”

A spokesman for Otters welcomed the announcement.