Church search for longest married pair - can anyone beat 68 years?


As part of this year’s churches festival event at Horncastle Parish Church, organisers wanted to find the Horncastle couple married in St Mary’s Church the longest time ago.

And there has been a good response, with the couple currently in the lead having tied the knot in the church 68 years ago.

The quest fits in perfectly with the festival’s theme of ‘100 years of weddings’.

Main organiser Linda Patrick said: “This is something to be celebrated and 68 years is a wonderful length of time to be married - but are they the longest?”

If you, or someone you know, has been married longer than 68 years, Linda would be delighted to hear from you.

Call the church office on 01507 525600.

The church is also still looking for any type of wedding memorabilia of any age to be lent for the weekend, including wedding gowns and trinkets, whether used in Horncastle or elsewhere.