Car repairs ‘verging’ on the ridiculous’ in Horncastle


Lincolnshire County Council is to be asked to investigate claims that a grass verge in Horncastle is allegedly being used as a car repair business.

An unnamed resident made a complaint at this month’s town council meeting.

He said the verge - at the junction of Louth Road and Hemingby Lane - was a disgrace.

He told councillors he had previously complained, but no action had been taken.

The resident said: “Somebody there is doing work on cars on what is public land.

“Surely, this can’t be allowed to happen.

“Do you (town councillors) want to see Horncastle turn into a muddy mess?”

Town and county councillor Bill Aron said he had already raised the matter with officers at County Hall.

However, Coun Aron added he had been informed that the County Council could not take any action - because they did not own the land involved.

The resident countered: “Someone is responsible for that land. Somebody owns it.”

Several town councillors suggested the land was likely to be the responsibility of the County Council’s Highwaysdepartment.

The resident told Coun Aron: “You can’t say no-one is responsible.

“Surely, something can be done to stop this.

“If it was happening outside your house you would do something about it.

“What’s going on there is a business - it is not private land.”

After being assured the town council would ask the County Council to investigate, the resident said: “You’ve been looking into this for two years. Nothing ever gets done.

“A lot of you sit there and never say a word. Surely you must have a view.”