Cally’s message to teens is keep fit and healthy

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A plea for teenagers to ensure they keep fit and healthy when they leave school has come from the latest recruit at Horncastle’s Pool and Fitness Suite.

Cally Adam is speaking from experience, as his weight ballooned when he stopped playing sport regularly.

Cally, 18, has just joined the ‘team’ as an apprentice at the Horncastle facility, which is run by the Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture.

Initially taking his qualifications in lifeguarding and swimming teaching, he is hoping to progress within the fitness area – and as he does so he is keen to encourage other young people to keep active.

The former pupil at Spilsby’s King Edward VI Academy, explained: “I was keen on playing sport, but at the age of 14 I suffered a bad break of my collarbone and without being active, I reached around 16 or 17-stone.

“It got to the Christmas of that year and I just said to myself ‘enough is enough’.

“I had wanted to go into the RAF as a personal training instructor, so I knew I had to sort my fitness out.

“Unfortunately, that did not work out but I have kept the training up and now have a new career starting.”

Cally says he has never felt better and he is aiming to encourage other young people to keep fit, particularly after they leave school.

He added: “You feel much better about yourself and much more confident.

“Young people must remember how important it is to keep active,.

“It is good for you mentally and physically.”

Operations Manager at Horncastle, Shaun Mullaney, welcomed Cally to the team.

He said: “It is great to see young people joining us who have their own fitness journey to tell with the drive to help others lead a great life.

“I look forward to helping Cally progress in his career.”

When Cally isn’t working at Horncastle, he can often be found in the fitness suite at his hometown, Skegness.

•The Horncastle fitness suite is one of the best equipped in the area and features 40 stations.

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