Call to reduce 40mph limit ‘before someone is killed’ in Horncastle

Residents calls for 30mph zones on approach roads to town. Picture: John Aron.
Residents calls for 30mph zones on approach roads to town. Picture: John Aron.

Speed limits on all major access roads into Horncastle should be reduced to 30mph - before someone is seriously injured, or even killed.

That was the call from resident Alan Lockwood who told a meeting of Horncastle Town Council that action needed to be taken as soon as possible.

Mr Lockwood pointed out most of the major access roads - including Lincoln Road and Louth Road - had a 40mph limit.

He said with more houses being built alongside these routes, there was growing concern about safety.

Mr Lockwood told councillors: “The 40mph limits we have on all the main routes are far too close to the town centre.

“There is increased building work on these roads - and an increase in the volume of traffic, including HGV’s.

“As a council, can you approach Lincolnshire County Council and the Road Safety Partnership and say we need to have the 40mph limit reduced.

“My firm belief is that the chances of someone being hit by a car and actually killed are far greater - if that car is travelling at 40mph rather than 30.

Town and County Councillor Bill Aron told Mr Lockwood he had already asked Highways to look at extending the 30mph zone on Lincoln Road, preferably to the junction with Accommodation Road.

Mr Lockwood replied: “That would be a start, but there are other roads where the limit needs to be reduced.”

Mayor Coun Brian Burbidge said the town council would raise the matter with County Councillor Richard Davies (Executive Councillor for Highways) who is due to attend a meeting in Horncastle about a number of issues.

Coun Burbidge added: “I think most people would accept 40mph is not suitable for built up areas - especially when there are parked cards and pedestrians around.

“I am in touch with the Road Safety Partnership about another matter and I will mention this (speed limits) to them.”

Mr Lockwood also raised the matter of safety at the junction of Stanhope Road and the A158, saying parked cars were ‘seriously reducing visibility.’

He said: “This has been a danger point for years, particularly if you are turning right out of Stanhope Road.”

Coun Aron said he would forward Mr Lockwood’s concerns to Highways officials.

Horncastle’s County Councillor Bill Aron has been asked to produce a ’full report’ on Highways issues in the town.

Speaking at a town council meeting, Coun Matthew Wilkinson said there were a number of ongoing concerns.

Coun Wilkinson said he wanted Coun Aron to raise the concerns with Highways officials, collate the answer and then report back to the town council - before the end of the year.

Coun Wilkinson said: “We keep hearing from Coun Aron that he has reported certain matters and that the county council will look into it, but nothing ever seems to happen.

In reply, Coun Aron said he would try to put a report together but also pointed out Coun Richard Davies (Executive Member for Highways) was due to attend a meeting in Horncastle.

• Mr Lockwood said he hoped it would not take someone suffering a serious injury to prompt action to be taken.