Bus trip to Skegness was just the ticket for Horncastle diamond wedding couple

At home: Diamond wedding couple Ken and Pat Smith - and friend
At home: Diamond wedding couple Ken and Pat Smith - and friend

When Ken and Pat Smith found themselves on the same bus journey to Skegness, it proved to be just the ticket to 60 years of happy marriage.

The couple, who live in Roman Way, Horncastle, celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary tomorrow (Thursday) .

Ken lived in Hundleby and his wife in the neighbouring village of Scremby.

They had never met before - until that bus journey to Skegness.

Ken explained: “We got talking on the bus and found out we were going to the same cinema.

“That was it...the rest was planing sailing for the next 60 years.

“We couldn’t be happier and getting on that bus was the best thing I ever did.”

The couple were married in Wainfleet where Pat was born.

They lived in Spilsby for almost 50 years and moved to Horncastle four years ago because of health reasons.

Ken worked for the Electricity Board for more than 40 years and his wife helped care for a woman who lived in Scremby.

Ken was also a keen angler and was a member of Spilsby Angling Club for many years.

They moved to Horncastle after Ken had mobility problems.

Pat said: “We were very happy in Spilsby but we lived in a two storey house and needed a bungalow.

“We found a bungalow in Horncastle and it’s wonderful.

“It was a big decision leaving Spilsby after so many years because we’d got a lot of friends there but it has worked out very well.

“We really like Horncastle. It’s a lovely market town.”

The couple have one son, Neil. They will celebrate their anniversary with a party for family and neighbours.

Apart from fishing, Ken is a keen gardener and admits his wife’s main ‘hobby’ is looking after him.