Are there really ghostly goings on in Horncastle?

A Horncastle Ghost story?
A Horncastle Ghost story?

‘ Tis the season for strange goings on but one Horncastle man believes that he has seen something rather odd about town.

Stephen Briggs recently moved to Horncastle from Skegness and claims he saw a spectre near the site of the town’s old police station.

Stephen contacted the News to say he believed he saw the ghost of a Victorian policeman patrolling near the building on The Wong.

“I live just off Boston Road and I was walking home,” Stephen said.

“I was walking down Waring Street and about 10 feet in front of me I saw, what I believe was, the ghost of a man in a long trench coat.

“He looked like a Victorian policeman - and it happened near the old police building.

“He was moving so fast and it looked like he was in an old fashioned film and then he vanished down an alleyway.”

Stephen also claims to have heard sheep bleating on The Wong and also claims to have heard a train whistling by near the site of Horncastle’s old railway track.

Have you ever encountered anything spooky in or around Horncastle?

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