A heavenly hand to boost internet speeds


Plans to bring superfast broadband to almost 50 homes in Old Bolingbroke and Hagnaby are a step closer.

Wireless internet service supplier Quickline Communications is working with a number of authorities churches, pubs and businesses to increase its networks in rural areas.

The company has put in a planning application and a listed building consent application to East Lindsey District Council to install an aerial at the Church of St Helen in West Keal – a move which it says will improve internet speeds.

Among the properties that will benefit are 39 in Old Bolingbroke and six in Hagnaby.

A statement of needs by the provider says: “We have looked at broadband provision and the picture tells a story which is typical of a many rural areas.

“There are some villages which are close enough to a fibre enabled cabinet which will provide decent broadband speeds.

“However, this is not the case for everyone. There are villages where the typical speed is below 1mbps.”

Quickline says the ‘digital divide’ still affects about 10,500 properties in Lincolnshire as people wait for suppliers to upgrade systems.