Parked vehicles are ruining landmark site - Horncastle residents

Vehicles parked on the Tree of Lights site in Horncastle. Photo: supplied
Vehicles parked on the Tree of Lights site in Horncastle. Photo: supplied

Angry residents in Horncastle have called for action to be taken to stop vehicles parking on a landmark site in the town.

They claim the land - next to the Tree of Light - has been churned into a ‘sea of mud’ by parked cars, vans and lorries.

Now, residents have called on Lincolnshire County Council to starting handing out tickets to the vehicle owners.

Mark Jennings (28) said: “It’s not a car park but more and more people are parking there.

”One of the vehicles is a red van that has been there for ages.

“Word has got around. It’s not far from the town centre and people can park there all day without anything being done.”

Alan Baldwin (76) said the area was a feature of the junction of Boston Road, Jubilee Way and the Bull Ring but it had been ruined

He said: “They are parking right under the Tree of Light.

“It used to be a ni ce grassy area where people could stand and look at the Tree of Light.

“Now, they’d be in danger of sinking in a sea of mud - especially in bad weather.

“I know people have complained but nothing has been done.

“I know these cars and vans aren’t causing an obstruction but surely someone must be able to do something.

“It’s ruined a really nice part of town.”

Another resident - who didn’t want to be named - said she had argued with one of the vehicle owners.

She said: “I live close to where they are parking.

”They’ve spoiled it. I told one man to go somewhere else and he gave me a load of abuse and told me it wasn’t my land and he’d do what he wanted.

“If we all started parking on the verges in Horncastle, the town would look a right mess. People should show respect.”