Parents told - leave the car at home and walk to school walk to school

PCSO Nigel Wass who said the regulations have improved  road safety
PCSO Nigel Wass who said the regulations have improved road safety

Mounting concern about car parking outside two Horncastle schools would be solved - if more parents walked their children to school.

That is the overwhelming response from parents following a recent article in the Horncastle News about parking issues in the Bowl Alley Lane area.

Town councillor David Roark claimed parking restrictions outside the town’s primary school and St Lawrence School meant people were leaving their vehicles on the nearby Tudor Park estate.

However, police said they had not received any complaints and insisted the parking regulations were introduced to make the area safer for children.

The majority of people who have contacted the News are calling for more parents to walk children to school.

Several parents pointed out that, as they live several miles from the town, they had no alternative but to use cars.

Some, though, claimed parking problems were caused by people who live close to the schools.

Others suggested utilising a privately owned field opposite the schools for parking.

Parent Jayne Wiltowski said: “I live seven miles outside of Horncastle and park in a safe place in town and walk my children to school.

“The majority of people who appear to park outside of school live in the town.

“I have seen people start to park up for the school run from 2.15 - an hour before they are due!

“If they can sit in their car for that long, they can use their legs and walk.

“I understand that the person who owns the field opposite the school won’t sell or rent the land.

“The only change I would like to see down there is double yellow lines.”

Lianne Luttrell said: “My children take the bus to school.

“I do think if you are able to walk into school then you should do so and I also appreciate that the children’s safety is paramount.

“However some parents need to get to work after dropping their child off at school and will be in a rush.

“The car parks in town cost £1 per time to park so that would be a cost of £20 a month just to drop your child to school - an amount some people will not be able to afford.

“I also think if you decide to live close to any school you would have to expect a reasonable amount of traffic during the morning and afternoon.

“I do understand it is frustrating for residents but where are parents supposed to park? There are 500+ pupils at the school all needing to get to school each day.”

Lindy Robertson added: “I have lived in Bowl Alley Lane for 20 years and the massive increase in traffic at school time is unbelievable, as is the complete lack of consideration towards safety of children, other road users and residents by many car drivers.

“The parking regulations seem to be broadly ignored. I would like to see double yellow lines and possibly residents’ parking permits.

“ Something also needs to be done on Louth Road. Children’s safety is at risk. A car park on the field opposite the school would be an outrageously expensive use of public money when simply allowing more time to walk a short distance from the town car parks is perfectly possible.”