Panel supports Police & Crime Commissioner’s precept proposal

Ermias Fekade, 37, and Joel Spears, 31, have been found guilty
Ermias Fekade, 37, and Joel Spears, 31, have been found guilty

The Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel has agreed to support the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones, in his proposal to increase the police’s share of Council Tax by 5.8 per cent for 2018/19.

The increase will provide the Commissioner with £2.7m additional funding to deliver his Community Safety, Policing and Criminal Justice Plan for Lincolnshire.

The Panel, which agreed the proposal when it met on February 5, recognised the funding challenges Lincolnshire Police faces now and into the future.

Despite the additional precept funding, £5.3m of reserves will be required to balance the budget in 2018/19.

In addition, £26.4m of savings have been delivered to date and further cost reductions are likely to be required in future years.

The Panel also noted that the majority of respondents to the Commissioner’s budget consultation exercise supported an increase in the police precept which will see additional police officers recruited in spring this year.

Chairman of the Panel, Chris Cook, said: “There is a clear understanding that this small increase in the police precept of £11.97 per year (23p a week for a Band D property) is required to support Lincolnshire Police.

“At a time when crime levels are rising, it is important that the resources are available to keep the residents of Lincolnshire safe.

“We are confident that we, the Panel, have undertaken a thorough review of the evidence required to support our decision.”