‘Out’ campaigners admit EU vote is ‘too close to call’


Campaigners calling for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union admit that the race locally is ‘too close to call’.

Various ‘out’ groups have united in a series of meet-the-public events in Louth, Horncastle and Mablethorpe in recent weeks.

The groups include ‘Go (Grassroots Out) who are claiming support from all political parties.

Spokesman Mike Beecham, who is chair of the Louth and Horncastle branch of UKIP, says the campaigners have received encouraging support.

However, he admits that feedback suggests a near 50-50 split between staying or leaving the EU.

Mr Beecham said: “We have had a lot of encouraging support from across the political spectrum.

“A lot of people are adamant they want to see the UK leave Europe but it would be fair to say that quite a few people have told us they will be voting to stay in.

“It is very close to call and perhaps the biggest factor is that quite a significant number of people have told us they are undecided.

“How they vote could make all the difference and we will be working hard to make sure they vote no.”

Mr Beecham confirmed many farmers - and other people with an agricultural background - were among the most committed to staying in the EU.

He said: “We’ve spoken to a lot of farmers and they are worried about the loss of subsidies from the EU.

“We’ve pointed out that the UK government paid subsidies before we joined the EU but they are standing firm,

“Obviously, in an area like East Lindsey, a large percentage of the population rely on agriculture for a living.

“There are no local opinion polls that I’m aware of but having spoken to hundreds of people, I would say the v0te is too close to call .

“I’m confident we will get enough support for a no vote but what’s happening locally appears to mirror the picture nationally.”

Louth and Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins has said she will vote to stay in the EU but several prominent members of the local Conservative Association have been campaigning for an out vote.

○The national referendum is on June 23.