Terrifying encounter with a ‘3ft horned man’ in Horncastle

Stephen Briggs pictured outside Horncastle Police Station where he claims to have seen a ghost.
Stephen Briggs pictured outside Horncastle Police Station where he claims to have seen a ghost.

A man who claims to have seen dozens of ghosts and entities in the Horncastle area is hoping to write a book about his terrifying experiences.

Stephen Briggs has recounted some truly bizarre sightings from Horncastle where he lives - and some spooky events from his childhood in Skegness.

Stephen Briggs. Photos by Nick Johnson.

Stephen Briggs. Photos by Nick Johnson.

His accounts include being confronted by an entity described as a ‘3ft horned man’ in the town - and poltergeist activity in his family home.

“I have had paranormal experiences all my life,” said Stephen, 38.

“My late father said my first experience of the supernatural was at age five when I saw ‘a lady in the corner’ and proceeded to describe his mother, unaware she had died in the same room 10 years before.”

From the less dramatic accounts of hearing ghostly footsteps - to claims of being physically attacked by a poltergeist, Stephen says he has had around 300 supernatural experiences throughout his life.

So extraordinary are Stephen’s claims, that he admits he’s been the subject of ridicule in the past with people dismissing his accounts. But he insists he is telling the truth.

“For people to suggest I must have been on drugs is just offensive,” he said. “People can either choose to believe me or not. But there are over 100 incidents where others have either been with me to witness these things, or have at seen my reaction to them.”

One such incident allegedly occured outside Horncastle police station.

“Behind Horncastle nick I collided with a Victorian policeman in a cape with a long thin face, who vanished into thin air,” said Stephen.

Speaking to the News at the time, Stephen explained: “He looked like a Victorian policeman. He was moving so fast and it looked like he was in an old-fashioned film and then he vanished down an alleyway.”

He claims another spooky encounter took place at the Viking Way footpath, and says he believes the new housing estate near there is ‘rife with ghosts’ - having seen ‘men in 17th century dress’ and ‘a Second World War soldier complete with gas mask’. “In 2015 I saw a man on horseback in a conical helmet ride literally through the trees,” he said.

“On several occasions I have seen things that appear as if they are from a horror film, only for others in the room to later describe them.”

He claims one encounter took place in the company of friends at a flat in Horncastle when he saw a frightening figure materialise next to a female friend.

“I didn’t say anything at the time as I didn’t want to scare her - but it was a lizard-like human, who disappeared a couple of times beside her. It looked like a creature from Star Wars with sunken orange fish-like eyes, scaly skin and no hair. I later wondered if I had seen the ghost of someone who had been burnt. Later in conversation with the girl she described exactly what I had seen beside her.”

At Snipe Dales nature reserve, near Horncastle, Stephen claims to have felt nauseous when he ventured into one particular area he called ‘the hollow’. “I didn’t see anything, but I felt physically sick,” he said. “When I got home I researched the area and found that particular spot was where a hundred soldiers were supposedly executed during the civil war.”

Stephen’s most bizarre supernatural sighting came at a house in Horncastle when he claims he was awoken by a terrifying presence standing before him.

“I awoke on the sofa with a start, feeling hot breath on my face,” he said. “A tiny little man, maybe 3ft tall, was inches from my face. It was deeply wrinkled with large white eyebrows. I backed away. It was the faun-like horns and pointed teeth which I found most frightening.”

Stephen says he has kept notes thoughout his life detailing all his paranormal experiences, and hopes they will one day make a ‘very interesting book’.

He concluded: “I believe there are lots of other people who are tuned in to seeing the supernatural, but many deny it for fear of being laughed at.”