OBITUARY: Wilf Lovely

The funeral service for Wilf Lovely took place at Alford Crematorium on May 8. The service was conducted by Mr P. Maddison, a family friend.

A farm worker all his life, Wilf and his late wife Grace had been residents in Tattershall for over 40 years. He moved to Louth about seven year ago.

He died in Lincoln Country Hospital after a short illness aged 84 years. Donations totalling �£500 have been shared between Cancer Reseach UK and Lincoln Sroke Unit.

Family mourners: Malcolm and Karen Overton (daughter and son-in-law), Kerry and Sally Lovely (son and daughter-in-law), Ian and Jan Lovely (son and daughter-in-law), David Overton, Jeremy Overton, Jason Lovely, Christopher Lovely, Tom Overton and William Lovely (grandsons). Joann and Simon Jones (grandaughter and husband) also rep: Dillon and Callum Jones (great grandsons), Mr and Mrs A. Lovely (brother and wife), Mrs A Macnamara (sister), Mr and Mrs T. Franombe(niece and husband), Mr and Mrs K. Hedison (nephew and wife), Mr and Mrs C. Hedison (nephew and wife), Mr and Mrs G. Turner ( niece and husband), Meena and Tony (niece and husband), Lauren Andrews (Jason’s girlfriend), Becky (William’s girlfriend), Matthew Thorp (Jeremy’s civil partner), Shannon Dreelan (Tom’s girlfriend)

Other mourners: Jack and Chris Skayman, David and Eileen, Peter and Marjorie Maddison, Margeret Brocklebank, George Vickers (Rep Shirley), Mr Franklin, Colin Brocklebank (Rep Shirley), Mrs Joan Hewson, Susan Wittles, Godfrey Chapman (Rep Beverley cafe), Coiln and Karen Stricklan, Joan Overton, Kalfie Snape, Sue and Brain Fox (Rep Barry and Irene Fox), Rachael and Mark Ella, Mr and Mrs Goulsbra, Paul and Trish Stamp, Mr and Mrs Gostelow, Mr and Mrs A Wright, Kevin Dennis (Rep Ray and Nora), Jackie, Mr and Mrs Lewis and Natasha, Mr Macnamara, Mr and Mrs B.Motson, Mr and Mrs T.Coddington, Mr and Mrs Macshane, Mr and Mrs P. Bennettt, Mandy and Roy Jarman, Graham and Paula Brocklebank (Rep Ian and Wendy), Brenda and Hayden Morris, Shawn and Louise Day (Rep the family), Derek and Margaret Dambert (Rep Eileen Burshell and family), Jean Jackson and Carol (Rep Kath Willoughby), Mrs K. Barber (Rep Paul and Family, Sue and David Keefe, Bonita and Dave Chapman, Jill, Roy and Chris Done (Rep Tathwell Farms), Joyce and Mick Pell ( Rep Joyce Hall), Mr and Mrs D. Fiddling, Carla and Debbie Neil, Graham White, Jen, Gail, Claire and Peter Smith, Cath Harrison, Rob at no:5, Lord and lady Grant, Cherry and David Searle, John Mackenzie, Nick and Jo Motson, Brenda Fiddling, Tash Swallow, Aileen Robinson, Phyllis and many more.

Arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services-Louth.