OBITUARY: Steven Vamplew

St Mary’s Church in Horncastle was full on Wednesday March 11 as mourners attended the funeral of Steven Henry Vamplew, who died as a result of a tragic accident aged 55.

Born in Boston, Mr Vamplew spent his early lift in hawthorn Hill near Coningsby before moving to Horncastle in the early 1970s.

He was well known in the town as he worked in Boots the Chemists for many years.

Mr Vamplew leaves mother Iris, wife Lynne, daughter Alice and son-in-law Mathew.

Family mourners were: Irs Fixter (mother) Lynne Vamplew (wife) Alice Vamplew (daughter) Mathew Scorer (son-in-law) Colin Ingamells (step-brother) Carrie Kilmore (niece) Richard Ingamells (nephew) Allan and Helen Johnstone (brother in law and sister in law) George and Robert Johnstone (nephew) George and Joan Coupland (uncle and aunt) Stuart Coupland (uncle) Raymond Coupland (cousin) rep David and Kathleen Coupland, Jack D’Arcy (cousin’s partner) Brian and Annette Coupland (cousin and wife) rep Elaine and Howard, Chantry and family and Mr and Mrs B Plaskitt, Natalie and William Coupland (cousin’s children) rep Christopher Coupland and Laura Wilson, Astrid Vamplew (cousin) Bev McFarland (cousin) Tony Vamplew (cousin) Enid Blackmore (cousin) Larry Johnstone (wife’s cousin) Robin and Cathy Dunn (wife’s cousin and husband).

Other mourners were: Darren Trapmore, Graham Ireland, Ryan Benson, Mark Snell, Lorna (rep Rachel Trapmore and Sam Tyson), Kath Trapmore, Carol Weston (rep Dave Weston), Michael Edward (rep Karen Watts and Maurice Edwards), Kevin and Carolyn Collins (rep Mr and Mrs D Sharpe), Lynn Knox (rep Elizabeth Baxter and Kate Knox), Jill Rowland, Brenda Pell, George, Carol and Faye Button (rep Steve Tasker and the Button family), Barbara Willoughby (rep George, Sally, Alison and Ralph), Vicki Newton, Jason Boothby, Richard Scorer, Katrina Martin, Val Butler (rep Melanie and Tony), Alison Dalton (rep Pete Dalton), Faye Tomlinson (rep Jamie Tomlinson), Neil Ranshaw (rep Elaine Ranshaw and Jean Clayton), Robert Savage (rep Chris Savage), Pete and Heln Hogg (rep Rachel and Oliver) Sallyanne Gray, Andrew Chafer, Betty Gray, Zen Stanley, Carol Loveley, Tina Hassall (Rep Carl Hassall), Sandra Parker (rep Phil Parker) Arthur Townhill, Diane Temperton (rep Sarah and John), John Smeeton (rep Jemima), Tanya Mableson, Phil Avery, Ivan Lilley, Jane Cotton (Petwood Hotel), Anne Rainforth (rep Petwood Hotle), Sharon Mackinder, Molly Howell (rep Mr Roe), Iris Beattie, Christine Parker, Marilyn Cotton, Nicky Saker-Clark (rep David Clark), Vicki Head, Dot Moses, Pam Dowse, Paul Martin, Carol Hancock, Bob Suddaby, Linsey Allen (rep NatWest Boston), Kevin Smith, Johnathan Gott, Steve Norton, Lucie Rylatt, Mark Rose, Neil and Kath Coles, Julie Fixter (rep Ann and Tony Clark and Mandy Milson, John Fieldhouse and Paul Fisher (rep Horncastle News), Benjamin Adam (rep GSF), Bill Whittaker, Flo Moore, Anne Whitwell, Sue Ing (rep Billie Ing and Judy, Tim and Betty Benson), Gail Hinkins, Tracey Spencer, Caroline Barnard (rep Carole Ironmonger, Nikki Barnard and Tina Everton), Nicola Ashley (rep Steve Tasker and family) Pearl Francombe, Mrs W Hanson (rep One Stop Shop), Jennifer Goodacre (rep Stuart Goodacre), Annette Storr (rep Andrew Storr and family and One Stop Shop), Shaun Scowen (rep Sue, John, Kai and Chanel), Ann Riggall (rep Cliff Riggall), Samantha Curtis (rep Hollie Gorensweigh), Stuart Greenfield, Bill Aron, Amanda Job, Pat and Brian Butler (rep Steve Butler) Keith Benton (rep Sara Summerlin-Benton), Caroline Roddis, John Ruddy, Majorie D’Ambrosio, Maureen White (rep the White family), Karen Stott, Laura Stott-Allworthy, Janet Cross, Robert and Sally Belton, Pete and Irene Riley, Susan Jollands (rep Pete and Sally Jollands), Richard and Karen Fixter, Peter Hare (rep Val and the Hare family), John King, Bill Anderson (rep Margaret Anderson), Rachael Nickson (rep Renie Cammack), Angie Price (rep Boots Opticians), John and Pat Rogers, Caroline Managhan (rep Monaghan family), Theresa Monaghan (rep Tony Monaghan), Vanessa Smith (rep Denver Smith), Muriel Brooks, Sally Scarfe, Julie Thurling, Jen Jackman (rep The Williams family), Liz Williams (rep Greg Williams), Emma Hoyles, David and Sue Hopper (rep staff at Vet on the Corner), Debbie Oxley (rep David Oxley), Tom Oxley, Tracy Newsham (rep Paul Newsham), Julie Stanley (rep Harry and Sylvia Stanley), Sally Brooks (rep Richard, Adam, Bekki Sue and Mel), Kevinand Lynette Burton (rep Rebecca Herrick and The Co-Op), Paul Bark (rep Julie, Lauren, Chloe and Sophie), Gill Battista, Kim Robinson (rep Grace Robinson), Graham and Lorna Kelsey, Alan and Doreen Scott, David Goodacre (rep Anita Goodacre), Maureen Creasey (rep Malc Creasey) Ronald Ellis, Margaret Poucher (rep Barry Poucher and Polly-Jane Thompson) Mr and Mrs M Myers (rep Mr and Mrs R Myers and staff), Margaret Brooks, Mrs E Waddington (rep Miss I Stones), Agnes Longdon (rep Nita Longdon and Jeff Longdon), Deirdre Richards, Keith Kelsey.