OBITUARY: Steven Peter Pell

Steven Pell
Steven Pell

Steven Peter Pell passed away at his home in New York aged 52 on July 14th.

He is survived by his partner Jan and her daughter Trace, parents Angeline and Peter Pell, sisters Denise and Julie and brother Andrew.

Steven was born in Leicester and moved to New York when he was two years old.

He attended New York Primary School and Gartree Secondary School. He then went on to study engineering at Boston College and Lincoln College.

Steven was always interested in engineering. He went to work for Tongs at Spilsby and then Peal Engineering, before starting up his own business in 1984.

Then in 1987, along with his father, he acquired the ex Cornercroft business in Coningsby where he took up the position of Managing Director and Chief Engineer of a newly formed company - Pellcroft Engineering Ltd.

The business thrived, manufacturing crop drying systems for farms throughout the UK and abroad.

Many in the industry admired Steven for his expertise and he made many friends.

Steven always put others before himself.

He was a regular blood donor for over 20 years. He joined the Coningsby and Tattershall Lions Club where he became involved in raising money for terminally ill children.

He went on to be a supporter and generous donor to ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, which focuses on organising trips for terminally and seriously ill children.

Over 250 people attended his funeral at Boston crematorium on July 24.

The service was presided over by Rev. Kathy Bush and a moving tribute given by close friend Malcolm Laird.

Approximately £1,500 was raised from a collection and donations in aid of Marie Curie, St. Barnabas Hospice and ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’.

Family mourners were: Jan and Trace Wright - partner and daughter, Peter and Angeline Pell –

parents, Denise and Michael Cockburn - sister and brother-in-law, Julie and John Arden - sister and brother-in-law, Andrew and Mansoureh Pell - brother and sister-in-law, Tom, Mark and Mary Cockburn, Daniel and Matthew Arden, Parisa and Laila Pell - nephews and nieces.

Other mourners were: Linda Mellor and Malcolm Laird (also rep. Laird family), Peter, Jill, Francis, Gemma and Joanne Dennis, Janet and Stuart Drew, Marjory Pell, Michael and Jill Bell, Tony and Pauline Odling, John and Phyllis Bostock, Denis, Toni, Matthew, Sarah, Becky and Vicki Bell, Richard and Rachel Odling, Carole and Graham Short, Helen, Paul and Christine Hogg, Mo Bolland, Brenda Jacklin, Rita Wicks, Margaret Leggate, Jill Rawden, Aileen Patterson, Joe Macas, Shayne and Mandy Turner, Josh Page, Luke Wilson, Augis Borokska & Raisa, Roger and Marlene Wilson, Mark Wilson, Lynn McMillian, Betty and Bambi Johnson (also rep. Neil Johnson) , John and Jenny Ward, Jim and Janet Eastgate, Norman and Robin Dennis (also rep. John Dennis) , Toni and Colin Foley, Mo and Shirley Wilkinson, Joe and Nora Jacklin, Denis and Chris Brackenbury, Brian and Betty Middleton, Ray and Elsie Sleaford, Graham and Val Sleaford, Roy and Janet Dawson, Ron and Iris Dawson, Andrew Dawson, Martin Dawson, Clive Brown, John Madigan, Neil Marshall, Ian Pritty, Richard Craske (rep. Ben Burgess & Co) , Mervyn Rickett, Mike Callaghan (rep. Perry’s of Oakley), Mike Bennett, Owen Leroy, Richard Flack, Bryan Hazelwood (rep. Fenland Fastenings) , Wayne Candler, Peter Maddison, Karen Greetham, Peter and Neil Broadbent, Pat and Michael Phillips (rep. Coningsby and Tattershall Lions), Anne Simons (President Coningsby and Tattershall Lions)Richard Sivill, Phillip Millership, Martin Dobson (rep. PGM Ltd) , Stuart Jackson (rep. Peacock and

Binnington), Barry Coupland (rep. Hardcastle Ventacrop), Trevor and Martin Howe (rep. Tryac), Graham Partridge, Jason Brown, Wright English, Glyn Olive (rep. Sprint Signs), Carole Allbones (also rep. Richard and Ben Robinson), Richard and John Mason, Trevor Bradley, Mr and Mrs Johnson, Stuart Harness, Graham Moffat, Mr and Mrs John Bell, Alan Harrison, Derek Roberts, Tim Spurrier, Jackie and Stuart Oliver, Jasper Hall, Steven Millership, John and Ruth Parkin, John Mold (also rep. Kass Steel), Ron Easthorpe, Janet Walker, Angela Appleyard (also rep. Simon Appleyard), Arthur Appleyard, Ian Parker, Kevin Mellor (also rep. Tom Garner, Scrivelsby Farms Ltd), Jenny and Charles Coaten, Vanessa Haw, Paul and Wendy Limb, Bob and Chris Money, Stuart Priestner, Alice Bamber, Roy Pattinson, Paul and Wendy Appleyard (rep. Wildmore Parish Council), Phil and Victoria Cooley, Helen and Robert Ingleby, Jenny Gosling, David and Daphne Horry, Diane Smith, Simon and Alison Taylor, Graham Bateman, Jeff Bush, Charles Pickwell, Graham Carr, Gerald Tyte, Ronnie Haines, Joanne Brown (rep. Nicholsons), Adrian Dawson, Ken Mellor, Andrew Barber (also rep. George O’Connell), Ray, Laura and Sue Evison, Neil Harvey (rep. Harvey Bros.), Steve Leggott, Mark and Jo Channon, Steve Cook, Mr Hall, Richard Evison (rep. NFU), Mr and Mrs Kirk, Mr and Mrs Simon Everard, Martin Roberts (also rep. Sue Roberts), Gerald Naylor (rep. Sam Vickers), Mr and Mrs A Lamyman, Mr Pinchalls, Jeremy and Sarah Morris, Cliff Preston (rep. LAMMA show), Mr and Mrs D Nichols, Emma and Tony Read, Mr and Mrs M Rogers, Andrew Bell snr. Andrew Bell jnr., Alan Rundle, Steve Bell, Tim and Helen Farrow (also rep. Mrs Flatters), Mr and Mrs P Crooks (also rep. Betty Crooks), Ben and Robert Lake, Peter Holdershaw, Pat and George Wright (rep. Charity: ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’) and many others.