OBITUARY: Samuel Hoyes

The funeral of Samuel Hoyes took place on Thursday October 24.

Mourners: Paul and Ann Hoyes representing John Hoyes of Mareham le Fen; Beverley Hoyes, sister in law; John Hoyes, nephew; Samantha and Stephanie Hoyes, nieces;Mr and Mrs S W Hoyes representing Mr and Mrs J Lock and Mr and Mrs T Middleton; Jennifer Bolton, Jane Jacobs and Lynne Purdy representing Pharmacy at Lincoln County Hospital; Yvonne Copley, Susan Marriott and Susan Smith representing Periville Chemist; Norman and Mollie Sharp; Nora Jacklin representing Jacklin family and the Dobbs family; Lynne Shinn; June and Peter Axup; Mr and Mrs B Urry; Mrs M Abbott representing Abbott family; Bryan Laughton representing Malcolm Laughton. The family would like to thank everyone who attended.