OBITUARY: Philip McKessar

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The funeral of Philip George McKessar took place at Lincoln Crematorium on November 8 2013.

The service was officiated by Father John Parkin and funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Service, Horncastle.

Philip aged 27 years, from Willow Close, Horncastle, died in Lincoln County Hospital on October 15 2013.

Philip was an employee of Tesco in Horncastle and leaves his father, mother, sister and partner, two brothers, grandmother and three nieces.

Family Mourners: Terry and Sue Potts; Gordon and Linda McKessar; Graham and Elizabeth McKessar, representing Anne and Doug Dawson, auntie and uncle; Betty Potts, grandmother; Vicky McKessar and Ashley Willis, sister and partner; Andrew McKessar and Partner Vicky; James McKessar, brother; Ava-Lily Rosie also representing Anais-Sofia Willis, Mabel Ruby McKessar nieces;

Other Mourners: Heather Payne representing QEG’s; Lesley Lilliman also representing QEG’s; Kerry Duzgun representing Joe and Sam Neame, Laura Neame and Carly Neame. Kirsty Hildred, Gary Hanson, Hazel Smith, Debbie Gilliver, Mark and Valerie, Kerry Gilliver, Emma Ray, Julie Holehouse, Bruce Baxter, Hayley Gilliver, Helen Brown, H.J.Spiers all representing Tesco’s; Steve Woods; Craig More; Andy Lister; Ricky Kirk; Sharon Elmhurst; Sue Ing representing Billie Ing; Steven Benton; Wayne Hassall; Jake Harvey-Owen; Victor Comben; Josh Johnson; Emma Coldron representing The Warrington Family; Jason Tingle; Darran Taylor-Cross; Harriet Harvey-Owen; Adam Stride; Amy Smith; Dawn Murdoch; Charlotte Denton representing Tesco’s; Pippa Cook; Leanne Kirk; Ralph and Ruth Salter representing Philip and Emily Slater; Karen Boucher representing Laura, Lee and Steve Boucher; Chris Smith representing Toni and Nicki; Ryan Elmhurst; Noel Benson; Shane Kirk representing Reverend George and Linda George; Annette Coupland representing canteen staff at QEG’s; Pam Sutton representing Roy:Chris Gilbert; Aline Laws; Michael Robins; Di Ryder representing Tesco’s; Penny Russell representing Banovallum School; Margaret Muxlowe and Arthur Liley; Paul and Pat Scott representing Natalie and William Scott and Alison Hill; Lauren Raywood; Verity Dear; Kelly Dixon; Sue Sparks; Jamie Wilson representing Lee Wilson; Daniel Burton; Harry Hassall; Charley Parker; Tina Hassal; Nicola Ashley; Val Butler representing Tony Bacon; Anne Kemp representing Rachel and Helen Kemp; Bekki Parkes; Danielle Bateman; Samantha Clayton; Keith and Pat Emerson; Sam Harvey-Owen; Ben Rhodes; Shane Kirk; Ollie Taylor; Ollie Stride; James Lindley; Ewan Deans; Mr J Kirk representing Bowl Alley Lane School; David Tointon; Luke Blackburn; Will Grover; Martin and Claire Cook; Helen Dodd representing Jane Taylor; Avril Schofield; Scott and Ryan Harris; Diane and Pete Leesing representing Tracey, Michelle and Darren; John Seymour;Eric Young; Gwen Young and Wendy Sharp representing J.T Friskney Ltd; Paul Lindley; James Lindley; Christopher Shepherd; Dane Ramsdale:Cecelia West; Tany Hudson representing The Jacklin and Hudson Families; Jeff Finlow; Shell Dawson; Craig Cleaver and Phil Sanderson