OBITUARY: Pauline Barnes

Pauline Barnes EMN-141209-134136001
Pauline Barnes EMN-141209-134136001

Pauline Barnes died on August 13 at home with family around her. She was 69 years old.

Michael Sevill of Coningsby made the arrangements and the service took place at Coningsby St Michael’s Church followed by the crematorium at Boston. The rev Margaret Dome officiated.

Family mourners were: Joanne Lee & Gary Smith - daughter and partner, Richard Barnes & Kirsty Barnett - son & partner, Louise & Harry Wall - daughter and grandson, Frank Barnes - ex husband, Martin, Amy Jayne & Victoria Lee - grandchildren, Margaret & Keith Carrington - sister and brother in law, Patricia Durose- sister, Charlotte Durose Revill - niece, Sarah Carrington - niece, Kate & Beth Carrington Curtis - nieces children, Jane & Gary Poole - niece and husband, Richard Poole - nieces child, Ian & Jane Dale - nephew and partner, Barry & Toby Barnes - brother in law and nephew.

Pauline was born at 15 Cutt Street, Pinxton in Derbyshire to Hilda and Leslie Durose on the 16th March 1945. She had one older sister Margaret. Susan and Patricia came soon after.

Pauline attended Kirkstead School in Pinxton. The family then moved to live in Derby. On leaving school at the age of 15 she was employed by the local co-op. Pauline left the co-op to work for the British railway in the office announcing train arrivals. After this she joined WRAF and her job here was telecommunications. This is where she was to meet her future husband Frank Barnes.

After getting married Pauline left the WRAF and moved to Blidworth in Nottinghamshire. Here she helped in the family business. In 1970 she gave birth to Joanne. She raised Joanne by herself whilst Frank was stationed forces on the island of Gan in the Maldives.

After Frank came back from Gan the family moved to Upton near Gainsborough. Pauline gave birth to their son Richard in 1972 and soon after that they moved back to Blidworth.

Around 1975 Pauline and her family moved to Bridge Terrace in Coningsby. Here she gave birth to Louise in 1981. As well as looking after her own three children she also started to foster other children. On top of this she also worked part time at Rattys restaurant, the Leagate Inn and Get Stuffed restaurant. She helped Peggy and Joyce Millhouse in the sweet shop and the pet shop in the village.

Pauline also spent time running a market stall. This was when Coningsby had its own market in the car park. Pauline’s stall did well selling haberdashery items.

Pauline was always busy helping to run local Brownies, Guides and Rangers and eventually taking over the running of these local groups.

Pauline also took over the running of Tom Thumb Playgroup from the Methodist church in Coningsby. She raised funds to help the playgroup move onto bigger and better premises in the old infant school buildings. Where the number of children that attended greatly increased.

Pauline liked to ensure that local children always had something fun and exciting to do and she organised regular trips out for the playgroup. She also arranged regular Discos for the children of the village.

Pauline was a member of the local theatre club. Taking part in the Pantos and shows that they put on. She enthusiastically, recruited other members, even involving all three of her children- sometimes against their will.

Pauline was a Parish Councilor, progressing to become the chairperson of the Parish Council.

Pauline spent time as a Waitress and Activities Coordinator at Toray Pines Care Home.

Pauline’s last job was to work for Lincolnshire County Council as a Family Support Worker. She found this job hard but very rewarding. She was able to share all her knowledge, skills and experience and help families to cope with difficult circumstances.

After her retirement in 2010 Pauline took on an active role in looking after her Grandsons Harry and Ollie while Louise worked.

Pauline was a born organiser and loved a challenge whether it be arranging parties, weddings, shopping trips, outings to see pantomimes, big family get togethers or sorting out fancy dress. None of which was a problem to her. She loved craftwork and knitting. Everyone in the family had hand knitted jumpers and she was a dab hand at making and alterations to clothing.

Over Pauline’s last few years she had to battle with cancer. She battled and beat cancer 3 times before, finally losing her life to lung cancer. Pauline always fought bravely. She maintained her dignity, self-respect and sense of humour throughout. She never sought sympathy or felt hard-done-to. She took a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to her illness and treatment. Just 1 week after completing a course of Chemotherapy she managed to complete the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research. To Pauline it was just the way of dealing with illness - to those around her she was an inspiration.

Pauline has made many friends and acquaintances along her journey and challenges in life. She dedicated her life to caring for others. She was a champion for all children.