Obituary: Paul William Schmitt

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The very sad news was received by family, neighbours and friends, of the death of Wragby man Paul William Schmitt, at the age of 59.

Paul was born in Market Rasen, the second son of Margaret and Henry, with brother Richard and sister Karen.

The family moved to Lincoln when Paul was five years old, later moving onto Newball, where he attended Cherry Willingham School.

It was around that time, his father took on the Langworth Service Station.

He gave his two sons an old car to tinker with and from that point Paul’s passion for cars began.

On leaving school, Paul went to Lincoln College and studied art for a short while, before moving on to study Mechanical Engineering; but that did not last too long as he felt he had learnt so much from working with his father.

So he took a year out and went to live with his grandmother and aunt in Cologne, where he worked at the Ford Motor Works.

Eventually it was time to return home and Paul went to work with his father at Langworth, where he stayed until only a short while ago.

On May 22, 1982, Paul married Sue at St Mary’s Church in Welton.

They began their married life at Toft Newton, where their first child, Emma was born.

Five years later, they decided to move closer to the garage.

In 1989, they bought a property in Wragby.

However, it needed so much renovation, Paul worked many nights and weekends over a number of years converting what was once an outbuilding into their family home.

In May 1991, Kate, their second daughter, was born, with son Tom making his entrance with a “bang” one bonfire night.

Their family was now complete.

Paul had many hobbies through his life, starting with Pony Club weekends and hunting.

He was a member of the pool and darts teams for Welton Sports and Social Club and the local pubs.

He later moved onto clay pigeon, which led him to organise many charity shoots between local pubs and the shooting club.

Then golf came onto the scene, so he joined Market Rasen Golf Club.

As a family, they enjoyed camping holidays in Norfolk, Cambridge and Lincolnshire following their joint hobby of rowing in ‘rafting teams’.

While many of their friends preferred caravanning , they stuck to camping, despite many incidents of flooding and gale force winds.

A Sunday drive out to Mablethorpe to watch the motorbike sandracing led to another hobby. This time, however, it was Tom taking part, with dad taking on the role of chief mechanic.

Paul was very proud of his family and all their achievements, especially walking daughter Kate down the aisle when she married Jonny.

Over a year ago, the family received the devastating news of Paul’s illness, but they stood together remaining positive and supporting him.

Paul passed away in Lincoln County Hospital on May 13.

He will be sadly missed by all.

The service to celebrate his life was held at All Saint’s Church, Wragby, followed by cremation.

The Rev Mark officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall Funeral Directors of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Sue Schmitt (wife); Emma Schmitt (daughter); Kate and Jonny (daughter and son-in-law); Tom Schmitt (son); Richard and Glenis Schmitt (brother and sister-in-law); Karen and George Schwec (sister and brother-in-law); Alex, Laura, Hannah Schmitt, Michael Schwec, Andrea and Jason Hayes, John Hindle, Marie and

Glenn Smyth, Rebecca Hindle, Robert Hindle (nephews, nieces and spouses); Michael and Elaine Hindle, Robert and Debra Hindle (brothers-in-law and sister’s-in-law); Rot and Lynn Marshall (uncle and aunt); Dorothy Marshall (aunt); Harry Quinn (uncle); Teresa and Malcolm Sellars (cousins); Vicky and Trevor Thompson; Stephane and Don Westman; Joanne Poole; Andrew Marshall; David and Marianne Marshall; Peter Marshall; Tim Marshall; Beck and Stuart Cook; Debbie Quinn; Jayne and Robert Dangerfield; Lesley and Alwyn Chambers; William and Diane Marshall.

Names taken at the church were: Jennifer Lockley; Judy Atkinson; Yvonne Short; Gillian Murphy ( also representing Suzanne Lowman); Carole and Bevil Jackson; Mr W Broadhead; Dorothy Warr (also representing Debbie and Matt); Jo Bailey (also representing Stuart and Fiona Wimster Smith); Derek Bowser; Sharon and Les Waters; Ray Wass (also representing Sandra, Nigel and Gavin); Paul and Sue Johnson; Eddie Dunn; Charlie Hyland; Norman Harrison; Pete Marshall; David Barraclough; Robert, Deborah and Rebecca Hindel; Mr and Mrs H Jackson (also representing P Jackson); Bud and Leslie Chambers (also representing Chambers family and Tanya); Abigail Lee; Rachael Wipprecht (also representing the Wipprecht family); Carol and Anthony Ealam; Barry Hawkins; Linda Rayner (also representing Ian and Emma Huswick); Stuart Scholey (also representing Ernie, Veal and Ian Fincham); Mark and Vic Stanton; Jim Stanton; Keith Blakey (also representing the Rhodes family); Carl Anderson; Alison Harvey-Loynes; Mrs V Segasby (also representing the family); Julie Willows; Gordon Blackburn (also representing Yvonne Blackburn); Jean Lomas (also representing Ged Lomas); Rae Ellis (also representing Karen); Nadia Epton (also representing Olivia and Max); Brenda Bodily; Stewart Rodger; Linda Rodger; Helen Hutchinson (also representing Angela and Dean); Glyn and Mandy Buxton- Rockley (also representing Sam and Emma; Tom and Melisa); John Edwards (also representing Lynne Edwards); John Knight; ohn Epton; David Howsam (also representing Rosemary Howsam); Jilly and Mike Henning; Mark Barber; Linda Hillreiner (also representing Wallis Bourn); Tess Rowson (also representing Don Rowson; George Currie); David and Penny Willis; Magnus Clouston; Ian Mellor; Pete and Barbara Stanham; Carol Price; Ian and Lesley Fabris; Barry Drury; Gavin Drury; Sandra Lakin (also representing David Lakin); Dave Bratton; Roy and Linda Marshall; John and Jayne Pearson (also representing the Pearson family); Heather Bruntlett (also representing Keith Lowman); Duncan and Anita Machin; Sheila Cartwright (organist); Dave Pigium; Shane and Jackie Chatterton; Mr and Mrs Mountain; Tommy Mountain; Shane Graves; Paul and Yvonne Jones; Jack Machin; Stuart and Becky Cook; Mick and Dot Sandaver; Derek and Christine Fox; Georgina Laming; Colin Barber; Eileen Espin (also representing Jo and Lauren); Fiona and Graham Howsam; Andrew Wilmott (also representing Annis Brown); Mr and Mrs Hiscox; Dennis Blackburn (also representing Nora and Barbara Blackburn; Ann Wilson); Jenny and Trevor Storr; Paul and Jackie Trulove; Ying Hui Xu; Mr and Mrs Prichard; Ian Robinson; Mark and Tressa Sellars; Anthony and Laura Reeves; Marie and Glen Smith; Roger Smith (also representing Shaun Waters); Benny Hinchliffe; Charlie Hinchliffe; Grant and Jo Hinchliffe; Alan Humphries; Brian Simpson; Veronica Ewington (also representing Dave Ewington); Sarah Ewington; Jan Clode (Philpot); Colin Knowles; John and April Johnson (also representing Mr and Mrs K A Johnson); Andrew Marshall; Jean Tring; Sarah Sawyer; Mr and Mrs Pears; Sam Ward; Anne Dobson; David Newton; Vicky James; Mr and Mrs McMasters; Pip and Marie Webster; Alan Moore; Robert and Jayne Dangerfield (also representing Debbie Quinn); Keith Wilkinson; John Poucher (also representing A Poucher and Sons); Paul Dales; Colin Woodcock; Billy Garbutt; Alex Riley; Larry Reeve (Langworth); Anne and Ben Knight; Sue and Kev Nesbit; Chris Laming; Geoff West; Dorothy and Derick Thompson; Mr and Mrs H Jackson (also representing Mr P Jackson); Geoff Ward; Di Marshall; Penny Blackburn; Christopher Bason (also representing Kev and Carol Bason); Sara Jane Nicoll; Tim Marshall; Vicky and Trevor Thompson; Kay Franklin; Mike Roger; Heroey and Alison Loyness; Mick Olivant; Eddie Stephenson; Jenny Borrill; Kathy Dunn (also representing Shaun and Daryl and Wragby Primary School); Jenny and Nigel Smith; Phil and Di Ward; Margaret Saunders (also representing Graham Husack); Richard Harrop.